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Éidín Griffin is a maker based in Kinsale, Cork. She explores fragile and resilient connections within land and seascapes using a variety of mediums including sculpture, watercolour and photography. Predominently interested in the use of non toxic materials such as clay, beeswax, stone,coppiced wood and paper she incorporates locally harvested and waste stream materials.

Some inspiration comes from two decades living in Southern Africa where she built and lived in an off grid traditional rondavel in the mountains near Lesotho. Éidín worked with children and women in permaculture projects using local resources within the local environment. A personal passion for heirloom seeds led to sharing and trading seeds with healers and wisdom holders in remote communities.

Éidín returned to Ireland in 2019. This has given her fresh insight and inspiration to clarify visual links between fungal, plant, animal and human networks. A recipient of an Agility Award in 2021 and again in 2023 she aims to use her time at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in November to prepare work for a 2024 solo show. Recent work includes a sculptural series ‘Husks’ at IMMA in October 2022, a Selkie figurehead for the Kinsale Arts Weekend 2023. She is currently preparing a collaborative piece for Sculpture in Context 2023.

Past Residencies


Landscape, Ecology & Environment Research Residencies