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The Artists’ Residency Programme is the most effective ways we support the creative development of new work whilst advancing various stages of the artists’ career.

Residencies provide the inspirational force for many other programming strands engaging diverse activities such as research and development; creation and experimentation; context, collaboration and participation; exhibition and documentation; archiving and publication and finally promotion and marketing. There are currently five separate residency strands providing for up to 28 residencies per year.

There are currently five separate residency strands:

This strand supports the development of new work leading directly to public exhibition, display, and participation in the Gallery. Exhibition residencies focus on specific modes of collaboration with professionals, communities, materials, environments, economies, histories or landscapes of County Leitrim and how these develop in to exhibition displays. LSC offer 4 residency awards per year at €4000 each; Residency period 8 weeks; Funded by Leitrim County Council and the Arts Council.

Technical Development Residencies are awarded by the Sculpture Centre to artists who wish to focus specifically on exploring a technical or material process within the ten separate technical areas of the Centre. LSC offer up to 4 residency awards per year and can range from €2,000 - €3,000 each. The residency period is for a period of between 4 - 6 weeks and is funded by the Arts Council.

This residency programme provides artists working in the field of contemporary visual arts, with the space, time and support for the research and development of new engagements with landscape, ecology and/or environmental contexts and themes. Artists may research new thinking, artistic practices and/or material transformations current within rural, landscape and/or environmental contexts, discourses and settings both in Ireland and/or abroad. It is envisaged that artists will use this work to develop new approaches and methods within their own practice, informing new directions for them and potentially the Centre. LSC offers up to 4 residency awards each year valued at €2,000 research and a minimum €1,000 exhibition fee. Residency periods vary over the course of one year after which time there is a group exhibition of all artists work. Funded by the Arts Council.

A joint initiative of Leitrim Sculpture Centre and the Glens Centre, Manorhamilton, this new residency programme supports artists from different artforms wishing to conduct interdisciplinary research and collaboration together. Fostering creative exchange between the visual and performing arts the residency attracts visual artists, musicians, actors, photographers, writers, dancers, designers, architects, video & filmmakers and digital media artists wishing to collaborate together on developing a new project and/or range of approaches and skills in advancing their respective practices. LSC and the Glens offer one collaboration each year valued at €4,000 (€2000 per artist). Funded by the Arts Council.

PDR residencies are designed and funded directly by the artist or other funding body that they may approach such as Local Authorities or the Arts Council (for e.g under their Professional Development, Agility, Bursary or other award scheme). PDR’s offer a practical and/or theoretical research base for artists and/or curators or cultural writers who need time out to investigate a specific idea, context and/or technical or material process without the requirement of an exhibition or any specific material outcome at the end, apart from a short research report to the Centre.

Artists may only need accommodation, or access to a studio, or both these with access to specific technical areas at the Centre. In addition the artist may or may not require technical support at either standard or advanced levels. (See Technical Support this site).

In order to assist artists design their own residency that addresses their individual needs please contact the Centre or see the guide to costs under Facilities. Artists may stay for between 2 and 6 weeks and applications to conduct PDR’s at the Centre is ongoing.