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The Sculpture Centre Workshop Programme advances skills and knowledge across all the main traditional and contemporary art making disciplines. By providing opportunities for experimentation across key material processes the programme demystifies ‘technique’ in supporting artists developing new work whilst attracting new communities to the Centre. An integrated structure ensures that workshops are available from a basic level upwards and the movement between courses is both possible and encouraged.

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Community Workshops cater for basic and up to intermediary levels of experience and may attract members of the public as well as artists wishing to try something new. Many workshops are a means for creating access into a technical process for those with little experience.

Masterclasses bring professional artists together to explore advanced technique around a specific medium or process through collaboration and sharing of knowledge, by working across and combining different materials and processes and of exploring their engagement within different social contexts.

Symposia often take place in the Gallery in combination with technical areas and this presents opportunities for engagement in the creative development of the work for display and/or public exchange.

Professional Development training facilitates various ways artists can advance their careers. These often involve one to one mentoring or third party organisations bringing in expertise such as the Creative Frame initiative in collaboration with County Councils for example.

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