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Technical Development Residency (TDR) 2024

Leitrim Sculpture Centre is awarding up to four Technical Development Residencies during 2024. These are awarded to artists wishing to explore new directions in their practice through experimental engagement with different materials, processes, and ideas using the technical facilities of the Centre. Significantly the award is offered to artist without the pressure of them having to produce an exhibition, or specific project outcome during or at the end of the period.

Up to 2 residencies will be provided to artists based in Leitrim and at least 2 residencies will be offered to artists based elsewhere within Ireland, including artists from ethnic minority or migrant backgrounds.

The residency period is for 4 weeks and includes an artist’s stipend of €2,000 inclusive. It comes with a residential studio apartment including a private and heated studio, broadband internet; general technical support; basic energy and the use of technical facilities specified by the applicant. Energy for kilns, foundry, forge or other hot process is metered and charged additionally.

  • Open Call for Applications now Closed
  • Notification by 31st January 2024

Exhibition Residencies 2024

Leitrim Sculpture Centre in association with Leitrim County Council is offering four Exhibition Residencies to visual artist during 2024. Each residency takes place at the Sculpture Centre and includes an artist’s fee of €4,000 inclusive. The residency comes with a one-person exhibition at the end of the residency period and includes accommodation in a private studio-apartment with broadband; access to all facilities at the centre along with general technical and curatorial support. The period of residency is for a max of 8 weeks. Up to 2 residencies will be provided to artists based in Leitrim and at least 2 residencies will be offered to artists from elsewhere nationally or internationally including artists from ethnic minority or migrant backgrounds.

Open Call for Applications now Closed

CREATIVE EXCHANGE - Artform Research & Collaboration Residency 2023

The Creative Exchange Residency Scheme supports artists and practitioners from different artforms or disciplines wishing to conduct interdisciplinary research and/or collaboration. Fostering creative exchange between the visual, performing and literary arts the residency will attract visual artists, musicians, actors, photographers, writers, dancers, designers, architects, video & filmmakers and new-media artists wishing to collaborate together on developing a new project and/or a range of new approaches and skills in advancing their practice. The aims of this research residency are to:

  • foster and develop dialogue, exchange & collaboration across different artforms
  • advance creative practice through mutual support and learning
  • seed the creative development of new works of excellence and innovation

Residency Supports
A joint initiative of the LSC and the Glens Centre Manorhamilton, participants will have access to an expansive range of studio and technical resources at the two Centres, including sound and video recording facilities. The residency is for a period of 4 weeks and comes with free self-contained accommodation in both Centres. The collaborating artist’s fee is €4000 ÷2 = €2,000 per artist.

Open Call for Applications now Closed

LEER - Landscape, Ecology & Environment Research Residencies 2023

Leitrim Sculpture Centre is awarding up to 4 Research & Development Residencies to artists during 2023. This residency programme provides artists working in the field of contemporary visual arts, with the space, time and support for the research and development of new engagements with landscape, ecology and/or environmental contexts and themes. Specifically, the programme supports artists wishing to explore new thinking, artistic practices and/or material transformations current within rural, landscape and/or environmental contexts, discourses and settings. It is envisaged that artists will use this work to develop new approaches and methods within their own practice, informing new directions for them and potentially the Centre. One of the residencies is offered to an international artist/researcher working in this field.

Residency Supports
Successful applicants will each receive a research fee of €2,000. Research may take place at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre or in other locations of the artists choosing. Research time will involve approximately 20 days work over the course of one year and successful applicants will receive detailed guidelines as to the form and scope of research material required. A further exhibition fee will be awarded in the summer of 2024 for the public dissemination of the research project at LSC galleries in Co. Leitrim.

Open Call for Applications now Closed

Professional Development Residencies for Artists hosted by the Leitrim Sculpture Centre

PDR’s provide a practical research and development residential base for artists working in all media who need time to investigate a specific idea and/or explore a technical or material process in order to advance their practice. Artists on PDR’s typically build in technical training into their residencies availing of the Centre’s experienced technicians to do this, in & Large Fabrication; Ceramics; Woodwork; Mouldmaking; Metal Sandcasting; Metal Fabrication & Forge; Traditional Print; and Analogue Photographic Darkroom.

Previously, artists have received funding from their local County Councils or schemes such as the AC Agility or Bursary Awards, to pay for their time at LSC.

Price for artists with their own funding: Self-Contained Residency Apartment with access to all technical facilities - €300 a week.

Prices exclude materials, energy for large equipment/ kilns etc and technical/ tutor costs. There is also an additional charge for hot processes. Residency Apartments have a private double bedroom with a separate studio area and all with shared bathrooms, wifi, washing machine, sitting room and yard. Contact for information.

For artists without funding, we offer a subsidised charge rate.

Residency Selection Panels

The Selection Panels for the Residency Programme comprised of Seán O’Reilly, the artistic director of Leitrim Sculpture Centre, together with members of the following:

Philip Delamere (Arts Officer, Leitrim Co.Co); Shane Finan (artist, Director, ^Caret Studios); James Kelly (artist, LSC residency artist); Catriona Leahy (Studio Member Temple Bar Gallery and Studios); Mary McDonagh (Arts Officer, Sligo Co.Co); Brendan Murray (Director, Glens Centre); Kierra 0’Toole,(artist, TU Sligo, Assistant Lecturer, MA Creative Practice. Fine Art Doctoral Researcher); Allanah Robbins, (Director of INTERFACE); Bettina Seitz (artist, LSC workshop tutor), Dave Spence (artist, LSC studio holder),

Special thanks to all the above who gave their time to help select the artists for the Exhibition; Technical Development; Landscape Ecology and Environment and the Creative Exchange Residencies at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre during 2023.