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The provision of General Technical Support is part of our commitment to assist all artists at the Centre develop new work in a safe environment. This involves one-to-one work with artists on residence and on a daily basis using specialized plant, equipment and includes workshop provision and administrative assistance in supplies and procurement. General Technical Support also includes the Maintenance and checking of equipment, Health and safety implementation on the shop floor and extends to the installation of all exhibitions and site-specific projects.

Artists Technical Support Framework

The Following is General, Standard and Specialist Technical Support Explained.

A. General Technical Support - In House Staff Support

All artists working at the Centre obtain free in-house General Technical Support involving setting up work spaces, health and safety support and full technical support for installation of gallery exhibitions. It also means basic technical support in helping to construct, move or make safe artworks. General Technical support is limited to 12hrs per month to each artist undertaking a Sculpture Centre funded residency. Artists requiring additional general support are charged at €20 per hour.

General Technical Support does not include ‘Direct Artistic Technical Support’ which comes as standard or specialized/advanced levels of in specific material processes.

B. Direct Artistic Technical Support

‘Direct Artistic Technical Support’ is usually provided by an experienced professional artist to another artist seeking assistance. This support can be standard or advanced and is provided by a range of freelance Technical Support Advisors and/or Mentors (TSA’s) registered with the Centre as having expertise in specific material processes and/or techniques - therefore able to support the development of new art work in these areas.


Standard or basic levels of support is typically offered to artists with no previous, or little, experience of a technical process and wish to learn, or be inducted in to, the standard techniques and to a level that means they can continue to work & experiment by themselves.

Standard levels of support cost €40 per hour

Specialist or Advanced

Specialist or advanced support is typically offered to professional artists with already previous experience of a technical process and wish to take this knowledge to a more advanced level or learn a process in a more in-depth way or engage in new or more specialised techniques. Specialist support also includes direct hands on support, working with artists, in developing a new work or series of works - for example for residencies, exhibition or commission. Specialist support rates are also used during all hot process at the Centre as well as LSC workshops and those processes requiring additional Health and Safety advice.

Specialist or advanced levels of support cost €60 per hour

Technical support to an individual artist may also combine a mixture of the above supports to include both standard and specialist levels and this can be worked out with the artist.

Technical Support Rates

General Technical Support

In – House Staff = €20 per hour

1 Hour Induction = €40 per hour

(Only when new to a Technical Area or complex piece of equipment)

Direct Artistic Technical Support

Standard Support = €40 per hour

(Teaching Basic or Standard Techniques, Processes, H&S,)

Specialist/ Advanced Technique = €60 per hour

(Teaching all Hot Processes; LSC Workshops; Direct assistance making artwork;

Specific Health & Safety Advice)