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The provision of Technical Support is part of our commitment to assist all artists at the Centre develop new work in a safe environment. This involves one-to-one work with artists on residence and on a daily basis using specialized plant, equipment and includes workshop provision and administrative assistance in supplies and procurement. General Technical Support also includes the Maintenance and checking of equipment, Health and safety implementation on the shop floor and extends to the installation of all exhibitions and site-specific projects.


All artists working at the Centre are provided with General Technical Support up to a maximum of 10 hours per month. This involves assistance with setting up work spaces to meet H&S standards, organizing materials, the provision and operation guidance of non-restricted tools and equipment; ongoing H&S support and full technical support for installation of gallery exhibitions. If you require further support it will be charged at €20 per hour.

Artists will need to demonstrate they are experienced and trained in the safe use of the technical areas they wish to work in. If training is required then we can provide Advanced Technical Support, below.


This is direct hands-on help, support and advice in making new artwork or experimenting with a process. It is provided by an experienced professional artist with a proven track record of expertise in specific material processes and techniques, mostly from the North West region but some from across Ireland who have registered with Leitrim Sculpture Centre as Technical Support Consultants. All work is made in collaboration with the artist and can range from standard to advanced. This is charged at €50 per hour.

Specialist Technical Support may also be provided by LSC staff who offer assistance with the direct making of artwork. This is charged at €30 per hour.


Teaching workshops is generally provided by Freelance artists (non-staff) registered with the Centre who have demonstrated expertise in specialist material processes and/or techniques and registered their workshops with the Centre. Workshop tutors are paid €50 per hour


One-off induction is provided by either Staff or Freelance artists (non-staff) registered with the Centre. It is a requirement of all artists new to a specific technical area and covers up to 1 hour’s introduction in the safe use of the workshop space and equipment or plant.

Charged at €40 per hour, if provided by a freelance artist.