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The Samhain Festival Manorhamilton is a cross community inter-cultural event celebrating the end of the Summer harvest season in gaelic as well as other cultures and brings local schools, communities, street performers, dancers and the visual and performing arts venues of the town and the surrounding region together to share creativity, well-being and respect.

Workshop leaders support and advise on the construction of large puppet-based works, masks and lantern based illuminations using light-weight materials, paper, paints. etc Rural Heritage is further explored in Creel making and Basketry whose main techniques are directly used in developing the sculptures.

Simultaneously, The Glens Centre opens its doors to music and drumming workshops involving youth groups from local schools. The inclusion of sound, instrument making, dancing and drumming provides a significant performative boost to this large-scale community collaboration whose main outcome is destined for the Samhain Parade to take place around the town of Manorhamilton and end up at the Castle Hamilton for music and entertainment.