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Connect is an Exhibition of works created during the Leitrim County Council Arts Office, Sparks Residency by the artist Sandra Corrigan Breathnach, which began with the Small Sparks Residency, 2021. The exhibition includes Live Performance, by the Students of the National Learning Network, Manorhamilton, who Corrigan – Breathnach worked closely with during the period of the Residency, through workshops exploring free-drawing and movement. The workshops were open to all groups within the Community hub, through the workshops she engaged with members from The Men’s Group, The Kilgar Group, and The Women’s Centre and the aforementioned N.L.N. and facilitated the creation of a Wall piece for the Community hub to exhibit a selection of works created by the workshop participants.

Connect, explores the importance of re-connection and human inter-action, the Residency began during the time of re-emergence, following the easing of lockdown restrictions, where fear was still in the air and masks and sanitiser an ongoing practice, this informed Corrigan – Breathnach’s approach during this period, she explored the physical nature of the hub finding that it was not just the building itself, but the people, both the staff and the public that were intrinsic to the fabric of the hub, hands which had become a taboo, became the focus, transforming in nature they became portraits of the individuals within the Beepark.

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