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Tomasz Matuszak’s work is a response to the surrounding reality or place of its making. Framed within a gallery and non-gallery context, Matuszak tries to find a foothold, some story, or a given condition, that initiates a new composition from the use of existing materials. As the artist states: ‘I am always answering to the existing situation. Most of my works are site-specific and refer to a space (indoor or outdoor) and a social or political situation, which also becomes the space of the exhibition’ (Matuszak 2014).
In the exhibition ‘Not Quite Right’ Matuszak works with the repetition of forms found originally in the gallery architecture at Leitrim Sculpture Centre together with re-moulded objects taken from the surrounding landscape. This approach is a feature of the artist’s interest in the subject of ‘tautology’ and how the potential for something new or different might be realised from the repetition of what already exists.

Exhibition curated by Séan O'Reilly.

Tomasz Matuszak studied painting and graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. He works in the fields of installation, sculpture, photography, video and public intervention. His work is held in numerous collections and has exhibited in many international group and solo exhibitions including: the Gale Gates Gallery in New York; Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz; Kunspunkt Gallery in Berlin; Kont Gallery in Lublin; Museum of Modern Art in Haifa; National Gallery in Warsaw; Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw; Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok. He has participated in various site-specific events in Germany, Australia, Israel, Sweden and received scholarships from ArtsLink - New York, Schloss Solitude - Studgartt and ART / OMI - USA. Since 2007 he has been teaching sculpture at The Department of Sculpture and Interactive Activities at The Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland.