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Through diverse and expanded fields of drawing practices, Drawing deCentered explores Manorhamilton through a multi-perspective lens where the concept of Atmospheres is considered as 'Condition', 'Matter' and 'Affect'. Clear explores the micro local atmospheric conditions in Leitrim, O’Toole’s engages with atmospheres as spatialised feelings which register as ‘emotional vibrations through our felt bodily sense, and Walsh queries how we imagine and design spatial qualities for the city, countryside and wider landscape and the atmospheres they create.

Drawing deCentered

Drawing deCentered is a geographically diverse aggregation of artists working from the peripheries. Nomadic, agile, curious and experimental, the group was set up in 2016 as a response to Ireland not having a physical drawing centre. Our aim is to provoke and probe drawing’s intrinsic and expanding characteristics by advocating critical thinking about drawing practice, inquiring into what drawing is, but also what can drawing be. We explore drawing as an expanded field, working both inside and outside the white cube.

Felicity Clear was born and lives in Dublin. Her drawing practice involves large-scale works on paper, 3D drawing installation and animation. She is interested in graphic visualisations of space, presented as representational drawing, a schematic drawing, map or diagram. Recent work is concerned with the way space and time are conceptualised in maps and schema that come from meteorological observations of wind, cloud and other natural systems. Residencies included Centre Culturel Irlandais Paris and The Model Sligo. Clear is a part-time lecturer in the National College of Art and Design, where she lectures in Fine Art multidisciplinary studies.

Kiera O’Toole is Dublin born visual artist based in Sligo, Ireland and is a practice-based doctoral researcher at Loughborough University (UK). Combining fieldwork, material and philosophical research she creates ephemeral site-specific drawings, drawing installations and stop motion animations. Her practice explores how drawing can map, record, materialise and afford the intimate and hidden intertwining relationships between humans and non-humans through recording the 'emotional vibrations' of places. Her drawing outputs include conferences, residencies, publications and exhibitions.

Dublin born, Mary-Ruth Walsh lives in the South-East of Ireland. Her practice questions architecture, and its materials relating to the Anthropocene, and how architecture affects the way we move and behave. Taking her inspiration from the built environment, she constructs imagined proposals that explore ideas relating to how we live in contemporary culture. Walsh has had 16 solo exhibitions in the last 18 years and numerous significant awards, including the Arts Council of Ireland, Create Ireland and Cultural Ireland Awards. Her publications include three books including two monographs. One monograph, SKIN DEEP, was awarded the ‘100 Design Archive’ award.

Curated by Sean O'Reilly