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01/10/2020 - 01/06/2021


To consider a better Anthropocene requires a quantum leap in imagination. Xenophon is an alter-imaginary, an ecofeminist Utopia and a place of otherness, that decenters the Anthropos (man) and it’s presumed centre stage in this epoch and reinstates the other (Xeno). Through stories told through histories, mythologies, science fictions, science fact, situated narratives and entanglements with others, a better epoch is conjured. Activating strange and inverted scenarios that conjure other ways of being in the world- including fundamental changes in human-environment relationships, values, cultures, power and gender relations. The world unfolds with each question-driven, narrative-based exhibition, as the Xenothorpians mutate with living and non-living entities to adapt to the Anthropocene. Their hybridisations provide a backdrop from which new stories emerge- a tongue-in-cheek approach to parodying the problem of humans.

The stories that build Xenophon are integral to this world building practice. To gather stories McGibbon locates herself in a conjuncture of events, laboratories, ideas, things, people, collaborations, plants, animals, cells and technologies. To draw awareness to our kinships McGibbon draws on the hyper-connected, multi-species thinking practices of Rosi Baradotti, Vinciane Despret, Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing. Integral to this enquiry is the question of what happens when one decentres the human? How does this shift in focus bring other perspectives into view and what new modes of research, collaboration, creative production and affective quality become possible as a result? What other worlds can we world?

Siobhan McGibbon

Siobhan McGibbon is a Visual Artist & world-builder based in West-Cork. Her expression mutates, merging sculpture, animation, drawing & participatory installations.

McGibbon has spent five years developing the world of Xenophon to query the possibilities of a better Anthropocene. The world unfolds with each body of work, manifesting through experimental enquiries with traditional & cutting edge techniques to create multi-layered scenarios. The world is activated in multiple contexts; galleries, labs, site-specific interventions, & virtual archives.

McGibbon collaborates with practitioners in diverging fields to build the world narrative. Collaborative enquires include; a five-year collaboration with writer Maeve O’Lynn developing Xenothorpian culture and collaborating with scientists and biomedical researchers to imagine the origin of species.

Recent exhibitions include Life with Life inside, Sirius Arts Centre (2019), Ubi tunc vox inauditae melodiae?, Triskel Arts Centre (2018), 21st Century Ireland in 21 Artworks curated by Cristín Leach (2017), In Case Of Emergency, The Science Gallery (2017), They call us the Screamers, Tulca (2017), Future Proof, LAB (2017).

Past Residencies