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07/09/2022 – 18/11/2022

Through the past few years my work is based on the problem of the sculptural form, its existence in the exterior, nature and urban surrounding. I have been concentrated on the theme of site-specific and social-specific sculpture through my studies and my work as a freelance artist.

My guiding idea, as a sculptor, is mass that dominates, not-closed form and expressive shape, very stylized and powerful. The form that I represent is an outcome of my inner feelings and thoughts, but it is also important on its strong geometrical shape and interesting aesthetic composition. In the same time, my sculpture represents the feeling of freedom. Being liveable and touchable is her inside message.

I work with different materials such as clay, wood, iron and stone in all its varieties. Since, I have participated in many international sculpture symposiums, the desire to create pieces of large dimensions became my constant need. My goal is to create sculptures in open space, that shall relate to the identity of location and enrich the space with their new sculptural shape, new spirit.

Maša Paunović

Maša Paunović is a Serbian sculptor, born on 30th of November 1981. She has exhibited her artwork internationally, as well as participated in numerous sculpture symposiums. Her solo and group exhibitions include five personal exhibitions in Serbia and one personal exhibition in South Korea, as well as more than 100 national and international group exhibitions. She received five awards for her sculpture, most notably the first award for sculpture on international sculpture symposium Artifex in Spain and second award on the public competition for the sculpture of Miloš Obrenović in Serbia in 2014.

Maša completed her BA (2005) and MA (2010) studies at the Arts University in Belgrade (Faculty of Applied Arts). Equally, in 2012 she specialized in artistic treatment of metal at Centro TAM (Italy), and had a chance to work in the studio of Arnaldo Pomodoro in Milano. She is also licensed conservator-restorer and had the opportunity to practice her skills at the National Museum in Belgrade.

Past Residencies


Landscape, Ecology & Environment Research Residencies