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Michelle Browne, Artist in Residence, 2010/11

Residency Exhibition: 'Jeu Parti'

Portfolio of previous work:

Artist Statement : Michelle Browne’s practice is fundamentally performance-based. She is interested in the face to face encounter inherent in performance. We are social creatures and tapping into these basic human characteristics, how we interact with each other, is of great interest to her. These themes inform the development and realisation of her work.

There are two distinct strands to her practice, which can be thought of as public/collaborative practice and gallery-based performance.

Her public/collaborative practice focuses prodominently on issues related to public space: the work often explores our engagement with our environment and the people around us. She is interested in the way the design of our environment and the social structures that are put in place impact on the way we live. Her practice looks at the frisson that is created in our engagement with the world.

Browne is influenced by the discourse around collaborative practice and is interested in the ethical concerns surrounding artworks which involve an exchange between people, either through a direct collaboration or through a performance setting. Her work borne out of these considerations is often instigated by looking at the flaws of contemporary urban planning and general use of city spaces, often in a playful manner. Past works in this vain include The Portapath, Border Border and Mind The Gap.

This work is frequently developed site-specifically and the participation of the general public is sought as part of the art work. Encouraging the viewer to take an active role in the art-making process is what drives Browne to create this kind of work. Participation activates or creates the work. For the most part participants are entering into a situation of her orchestration and they play out this situation, much as a musician might play a piece of music in an orchestra. The interaction with participants opens up a constructed social space in which to engage with each other and/or the world around. Browne strives to create work that challenges people's comfort in public space and the complacency that builds up as people go about their daily lives.

The second strand is a more traditional form of performance practice, made for gallery or festival settings. Her more recent work focuses on issues intrinsic to performance itself: the body, duration and the relationship between the viewer and the performer. Humour and satire are used to draw people into the work. In recent times her work has also evolved through performance to video, sound and sculpture. She is interested in using the body to explore themes relating to sexuality, vulnerability, vanity and beauty.

The unifying element in all of Brownes work is an investigation of how we co-exist together as a public of disparate individuals. Her work questions what it means to live together, how society organises itself, whether on a practical level, through the city and the organisation of how we live spatially and politically, or on a conceptual level through identity politics and how we situate ourselves in contemporary society.

Biography: Michelle Browne is an artist and curator based in Dublin, Ireland. She received a first class honours degree in Sculpture and History of Art from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin and a distinction in her Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Administration From University College Dublin. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally, most recently taking part in Unfamiliar (USA & Galway), The European Performance Art Festival (Poland), A lens With a Conscience (USA), The National Review of Live Art (Scotland), Urban Wasanii (Kenya), Art@work (Ireland) and The Absolute Dublin Fringe Festival (Ireland). She is currently showing a body of recent work as part of a two person show in Ballina Arts Centre.

Michelle is a freelance curator and the founder of OUT OF SITE, a festival of live art in public space in Dublin running from 2006-2008. She curated Vital Signs, an exhibition of arts and health in context for the Arts Council and Create and she is the 2010 curator of TULCA a season of visual art in Galway. She is the recipient of the NCAD Student Prize, The RDS James White Art Award 2006, The Arts Council of Ireland Artist Bursary 2008 and 2010 and support from Culture Ireland. She has written for Circa Art Magazine, Visual Artists News Sheet and Create News.