RESIDENCIES 2010 / 2011

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Leo Scharff, Artist in Residence, 2010 / 11

Residency Exhibition: 'Futurescapes'

Portfolio of previous work:

Artist Statement: Leo Scarff's artistic work is informed by research into structural systems and the practical, process based manipulation of materials in the studio. This method of working has produced his current artistic direction in terms of it's physicality and the resultant mathematical and geometrical explorations of this process also in turn give rise to the form of the structural components. Through his background in the product design industry he has a certain knowledge of the structural capabilities of materials and this gives him an understanding of what forms can be achieved and manipulated in 3 dimensions. From natural form and structure, man-made tessellated structures to ancient origami techniques or modern architectural theory, the artist's current area of study could be described as the exploration of beautiful form, structure, science, geometry and industrial manufacture in sculpture.

Biography: Leo Scarff is a Dublin born artist and designer now based in Manorhamilton. He trained in Spatial Design at the Dublin Institute of Technology and the Aalto Art and Design College in Helsinki. He has worked in several disciplines, setting up his own studio in 1997. Since then he has carried out projects for architects and interior designers throughout Europe and the US in lighting, furniture and sculptural structures. He is a founder member of the Irish Furniture Designers Network and regularly curates art and design exhibitions for the main Irish trade shows.