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Des Cullen, Artist in Residence 08/09

Residency Exhibition: 'Entanglements'

Project Statement

'Entanglements' is the title of Des Cullen’s latest one person exhibition and brings together recent work from his time spent as Artist in Residence at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre during 2010/11.

Working with stone, construction materials and found objects Cullen orchestrates a series of sculptural assemblages that explore the tensions between the mediating role of language, concept and text and the forces of materiality that enact the ‘image’ and release the power of metaphor that work within and across ‘things in themselves.’

Such metaphors suggest diverse and entangled material and conceptual origins that interfere with accepted readings of the world and challenge any straightforward contextualisation of the work. As Cullen suggests in this extract from the exhibition text, “… In this exhibition I want to present works that resist exact definition, remaining paradoxical and ambiguous, strange and dubious. These works strive towards a transformed, and reinterpreted reality, not to just establish ‘what’ the world is, but to explore ‘how’ the world is. (Cullen, D. 2012)

Portfolio of previous work

Artist Statement

One of the ideas that unifies my work in all media is an interest in the underlying interconnectedness of things. I welcome metaphorical ambiguities about identity and scale, whether the works are microcosmic or macrocosmic notations of an inner geography or visual phenomena. The goal of my practice is to produce meaning and to present works with multiple associations.


Des Cullen is an artist currently living and working in Leitrim. He has been associated with LSC for a number of years. He studied sculpture at GMIT where he graduated with Honours in 1996. He recently completed a First Class Honours Degree in Painting in Sligo IT and is currently studying for an MFA at Ulster University, Belfast.

This residency and exhibition was made possible with the financial support of the Arts Council and Leitrim County Council.