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Adam Klimczak , Artist in Residence 08/09

Residency Exhibition: 'Firesides'

Project Statement

'Firesides' - An exhibition of recent Film, Photography and Installation work made while on Residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre 2009.

The project entitled 'Firesides' attempts to show, through the prism of a fireplace, a correlation between a human-being and a space. In this context the fireplace is seen as the most important architectural and sculptural element of Irish and Polish interior decoration. The project’s idea has been inspired by the recent phenomenon of the economic migration of Polish people (including artists), who while being abroad strove to assimilate and to establish a form of co-operation.

Within present-day globalisation, this contemporary cultural nomadism appertains to specific traditions and local norms which seem to be well-captured by the idea of old and modern fireplaces and stoves. There is also the second value related to the invitation I received to visit many private and public places during my residency in Ireland. These places I transformed into photo wallpapers which, eventually, became backgrounds for the siting of people closest to me back in Poland. Next, these were in turn re-photographed to become the final exposition artwork.

This ‘fictitious reality’  creates around the Leitrim Sculpture Centre exhibiting space a particular ‘horizon of events’. Each installation element becomes a feature of the artistic game involving the neighbourhood and its history. The utopia of seclusion and privacy of the exhibition space is temporarily disturbed by the illusion of opening it up to the external social world. By doing so, the visitors have an opportunity to look through the photographic ‘exposures’ to nearer and further perspective of reality surrounding the gallery.

Portfolio of previous work

Artist Statement

For me as an artist ‘biography’ became the key elements of my creation. With those elements, universal concepts, language, analysis of architecture and landscape I’m realizing the ephemeral projects, colliding the symbolics of abstraction with realism of myths and private stories. Works created by me since the second half of eighties have been somehow “separate objects”, realized in accidental and somewhat non-artistic and public places. Almost everywhere where I make art pieces, local history or human being inspire me to create a form which exists as a dialogue with society.

Urban stories, old photographs, different elements found on  the sites are details around us which create process and inform my subjective perception and coexistence with public.

Through photographic and video medium, simple abstract forms, performance, installation or sculpture forms, I’m shaping my unique works which usually can’t exist beyond a place of creation.


Born in Lodz, in 1957. In 1975 - 80 studied in Art Academy in Lodz. Graduated from Painting and Graphic Department. Author of paintings, sculpure and photographic objects, site-specific multimedia installations, actions and performances. Through the elements of his autobiography, universal concepts, language, analysis of architecture and landscape realizes the ephemeral projects, colliding the symbolics of abstraction with realism of myths and private stories. Exhibited his works in private and public galleries in Poland and abroad. Co-founder and a manager of a private art space „Wschodnia Gallery”, from 1984 in Lodz. From 1990 collaborates with The Internationa Artists’ Museum - organizer of international art meetings “Construction in Process” and “Lodz Biennale”. Co-organizer and a curator of many exhibitions in Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz and in other cultural institutions in Poland and abroad, among others.