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Artist: Ruth Le Gear

Title of Exhibition: Water Senses

Date: Friday 10th March - Saturday 25th March.

About the Exhibition:

Water Senses: has emerged from the outcomes of research, collaboration and fieldwork based around the concept of ‘water memory’ in relation to Glenade Lough, North Leitrim. In developing the work Le Gear has meticulously archived her sensory engagement with the mystical, mythical and metaphysical forces that act upon and interact with water on Earth. Making a set of seven water remedies from the waters of the Lough, she has created these panaceas from rarities such as the essence of the last brown bears in Ireland and the story of the Dobhar-chú. Implicit in Le Gear’s work is the idea that water is an element deserving of much greater consideration than is currently given by mankind. Water is altered by everything that has passed through it, in its chemical as well as alchemical nature and in its capacity to influence us. These forms and emotions, which have passed through the water, are also held within it. The water and ice remedies that she has created are for the water bodies themselves initially and then in turn for people, promoting healing in both. The water remedies are a way of drawing out the layers of embodied energy that are held within the water itself, each remedy interacting with the energy of the human body in a unique and positive manner.




Glenade water and moss - clearing the energy of a stone trying to float. This remedy is especially helpful for those who work with energy. It helps to clear old unwanted patterns quickly and to integrate new patterns that are emerging. The remedy allows your own innate healing powers to do their work with ease and it holds space for you. There is a primal purity in the remedy that activates the suspended pure light energy held within an individual and helps the soul to return to a state of innocent purity and peace.

When we hide things from others they can become hidden to ourselves (hiding tears or pain and grief). This remedy helps one to listen to their intuition and stops one becoming stuck in repeated thinking. The moss brings a new clarity and deep clear mental energy that is calm yet energized. It works deeply on the sinuses and spine and helps to clear viruses. It is a powerful awakener and brings one on an inner journey, allowing one to be in the now, to be in time. It allows one to feel free and play in the flow.



Deep ancestral support. Overall this remedy brings support. There is an abundance of generosity within the waters of summer solstice that helps with learning to receive. It is for those thirsty for connection and allows one to receive love and support. The remedy is infused with the energy of summer. It helps those who are vulnerable to realise that this tenderness is a place where creativity and love is born. It allows one to open to vulnerability and ask for help. It helps one to realise gratitude; to fall freely in this moment but to be entirely supported like a waterfall. It helps to realise one’s power and be full of vitality. You cannot selectively numb emotion, when we block out fear and pain we numb the other emotions too. This remedy helps one to learn to receive love. It helps one learn to be vulnerable and to ask for help. It opens one up to being able to receive love. This remedy is connected to dragonfly energy. You are the power of light. You inhabit two realms: air and water and the influence of both these elements will be felt by you. This remedy brings with it the winds of change, the messages of wisdom and enlightenment, and communication from the elemental world through deep love and support.




What are the consequences of not speaking out? What are the consequences of guilt, shame, and doubt? This essence is for those who feel they are not seen or heard; a deep heartache that comes from not speaking one's truth. Your silences will not protect you. This remedy helps to give a voice to that silence. The speaking will get easier and easier and you will find you have fallen in love with your own vision, which you may never have realised you had. This remedy is a helpful relief in these challenging circumstances. What is most important is that your truth must be spoken, made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood. The issue of "stay small, sweet, quiet, and modest" sounds like an outdated problem, but the truth is that we can still run into those demands whenever we try to find and use our voices. There is a sense of an upward lift that comes with taking
this remedy: it opens the crown chakra. This is a very helpful essence when self-confidence is needed, and helps one to move forward with projects and goals. It provides a liberating feeling as we move out of old patterns of defensiveness into universal connectedness through the waters and into a pattern of endless flow.



Water remedy as mediators between Earth and Cosmos. On the morning of March 20, 2015, a near-total solar eclipse was visible from Ireland. Over 90% of the Sun was be obscured as the Moon passed between it and the Earth. The eclipse started at 8:24am, reached maximum eclipse at 9:28am, and finished at 10:36am. Waters were collected from Glenade Lough through the reflection of the eclipse.

This remedy helps one to become more aware of their spiritual path. It helps to release pain that we are holding; there can be a fear in releasing known pain and a fear of the lightness of our being. Eclipses can give us the benefits a reevaluation of our life and awareness to see what we might need to let go. We may experience fear, worry, tendency to complain and whine, sensitivity and hyper reaction to “injustice”. We should be aware of our own emotions and those of the others and realize that the behavior of others might not be what they really mean. The situations we encounter around the eclipse time tempt us to react negatively, create a conflict, or argue. The best position is to be a witness. An eclipse can be considered to be a door that breaks our bond with the past. We currently use our senses to interpret nature, and not in the way I feel nature had first evolved: to act as receivers, permitting us to stand back within the presence, the potentiality for the vibrational expression of matter and to feel and receive and relish the sounds, smells, sights, tastes and touch of all that is. Anticipating the presence of an observer to engage in a co-creative dance within a transitional sea of potentiality, a potentiality that forms the core of the Earth. Although we are tiny, we feel the Universe.




There is a stillness to winter solstice, a deep exhale that allows one to contemplate the silence. This remedy is about listening, silence and everything that an exhale allows; a letting go, particularly of judgment and control. This remedy is very helpful when holding space for other people or the landscape without trying to have any influence over the outcome. When we hold space for others, we can open our hearts, offer unconditional support, and let go of judgment and control. This remedy is for those who prefer protected safe places that you can control wherever possible. You have firm internal rules about what is a safe place, and what isn’t. Your idea of safety can be quite stringent compared to that of others, and is often anchored more to protected places, than to certain people. In addition, you will regularly seek out seclusion in order to find nourishment, wisdom or energy. Conditions are optimum when your safe place is also a space where you are guaranteed seclusion. The remedy which is best worn around your neck when needed for long periods, allows for this feeling of safe space to be with you in the more trying times.



You can learn how to harness
these energies for a positive outcome, but it does take time. This remedy is deeply linked to the dobhar-chú story and the darkness we can feel around death and depression. There is a transformation within this remedy however, almost like a shape shifter. One must be wary of the darkness that balances our light but we cannot be light without the dark. This remedy helps with the inner transformation and shift of the darkness into light.

It can help to lift the grief for lost places of your past, a place that you cannot return to, a place that perhaps never
was. These waters historic experiences and private stories of loss are held within the valley. Through this remedy there is transcendence of physical and mental barriers and limitations that resonates with the past and gently evokes the future. It brings new meaning to a place that would have become stagnated in inertia. These remembered local landscapes, the waters, are the messengers of the excluded and perhaps the forgotten. This remedy brings a hope for a better tomorrow.



Water Senses is supported by the Arts Council’s Arts and Disability Connect Scheme managed by Arts and Disability Ireland. Water Senses is kindly supported by Leitrim Sculpture Centre and The Model, Sligo.