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Artist: Anna Macleod

Title of Exhibition: 'Staid na Talún- A State of Land', Artist in Residence 2015

Date: Friday 21st August - Friday 4th September

Exhibition Images:


About the Exhibition: A State of Land takes the 1840’s – 1850’s Geological Survey of Ireland as a starting point to explore historical and contemporary attitudes to rural landscapes in a time of climate change uncertainty. The GSI field sheets were mapped during one of the greatest catastrophes to befall Ireland, The Great Famine. While the survey approach was primarily scientific in mapping the geological formations of the Irish landscape, another mapping function was resource speculation and the identification of potential mineral wealth. 

As a counterpoint to the scientific and economic narrative, an interview with historian ProinnsÍos Ó Duigneáin plots the influence of the Land League and how mass mobilisation of the population eventually led to better conditions for tenant farmers, sowing seeds for the Irish Independence movement. The project thus juxtaposes the dispassionate language of mapping with the emotional connections to land by those who own and care for it and further sets out to chart the contemporary social movements that have developed in the face of more recent economic threats including depopulation and climate change.

Biography: Anna Macleod is a visual artist and independent researcher based in Leitrim, Ireland. Her work utilises various methods and processes to mediate complex ideas associated with contemporary, historical and cultural readings of place, the legacies of colonialism and differing cultural policies and understandings of land use. Her work employs quasi-scientific methods, interdisciplinary collaboration and research and socially engaged activism to critique contemporary urban and rural scapes and to build metaphoric spaces for re-imagining the future. Macleod has participated in numerous artist residencies and exhibited widely nationally and Internationally.  Her exhibition Water Conversations: A survey of Works 2007-2015 is currently running in The Dock, Carrick on Shannon until 12th September 2015 and her work is included in a group show, ‘ET SI ON S’ETAIT TROMP” at the Centre Cultural Irelandais in Paris in September. For more information, see www.annamacleod.com