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Brian Connolly, Artist in Residence 2015/16

To view an interview with Brian Connolly about this exhibition:

Residency Exhibition: 'Fractured Thinking'

Portfolio of previous work:

Artist Statement: Connolly’s practice originates within a ‘sculptural’ tradition expanding across the spectrum of contemporary arts practice, from Public Sculpture, Performance Art activities and exhibitions. Much of his past work has been ‘relational’, i.e. publicly oriented & place or context related, and is intended to involve people to the point where they may no longer be solely spectators but can become participants.
A substantial aspect of Connolly’s practice has been the creation of ‘Site-specific’ artworks and Public Art Commissions. These works often deal directly with ‘place’ and ‘context’ in the widest sense and some derive much of their imagery and content from the specific materials, contexts and histories of the site.
Performance Art practice remains a mainstay of much of his activity in which direct interaction with the public in the form of ‘tasks’, ‘conversations’ and ‘questions’ are key methodologies.

Biography: Connolly has created Performance Art Works across the world from Europe, Canada, Mexico, to China, as well as exhibitions across Europe. He has remained committed to the instigation of Artist Led Projects and the establishment of International Artists Networks via such International projects as: Available Resources, Derry, 1991, Irish Days II, Poland, 1994, Exchange Resources, Belfast 1995, In Place of Passing – via Bbeyond 2005. Connolly established The Glass Box Performance Art Project 2011 & 2012, leading to The Belfast International Festival of Performance Art 2013 & 2014 at University of Ulster, Belfast. Some of these events were exchanges, ‘residential’ or ‘symposia’ in format, and were designed to engender communication between a range of divergent artists as well as new audiences.
Connolly is a founding chair of Bbeyond, which has initiated a wide range of events both nationally and internationally, and a board member of organizations such as the Sculptors Society of Ireland, The Association of Artists Ireland, Circa Art Magazine, The Project Art Centre and FlaxArt Studios. He was selected as the first Northern Ireland Artist Representative for the Visual Artists Ireland between 2006-08; has acted as an Artistic Advisor for the London/Derry Development Office 1995 -98 and established Moyle Art for Public Places in 2001.