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The module was designed to introduce the student to Metal Crafts, which they can apply to their own requirements.

Introduction to cutting and grinding techniques and uses of hacksaw; files; drills; hammers; grinders; chop-saw; sanders. Demonstrated competence in MMA/Arc welding including different weld joints – butt weld, lap weld and T-fillet. Students also attempt similar joints through the TIG welding process. They are shown how to measure and cut steel accurately. Focused upon working through projects set and realizing ideas from concept, design and articulation. Students come with: sturdy boots. Beginners to intermediate. We have rooms to rent at €25 per night.

Mick O’Hara

Mick O’Hara is an artist and a lecturer in Fine Art at Dublin School of Creative Arts. He is also the Workshop Manager of Fire Station Artists’ Studios. He has spent the last 17 years working as both as a technician, manager and educator across a variety of arts organisations and businesses including Bronze Art Foundry, Leitrim Sculpture Centre and National Sculpture Factory.