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  • Tutor: Noah Rose
  • Participants: North Leitrim Men's Group

Participants needed no previous experience of welding. The workshop covered basic theory and operation of four different types of welder and when to use one type of welding process over another; essential health & safety principles for all types of welding; how to design basic mechanical fixings and cutting and joining techniques.

The workshop gave an overview and essential instruction for 3 common welding processes: Arc welding, also known as MMA (Manual Metal Arc), or Stick welding. MIG welding, MIG (Metal Inert Gas), sometimes known as MAG (Metal Active Gas), depending on the application. TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas).

Noah Rose

Design & Fabrication in a wide range of materials, with a specialism in metals and metal finishes. Rose has made architectural metalwork, furniture and range of bespoke artworks in metal and other materials for a wide range of clients over 25 years, including other artists, private clients, galleries and public institutions. Freelance Technician for galleries and museums, with responsibility for all aspects of technical work, including museum display and installation, art handling, design for technical display in collaboration with curatorial team.