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Accommodation in McKenna's (if required) 25 euros per night.

The first two days of this intensive 4 day masterclass course will teach artists how to initially prepare the sand, mould two-part boxes for flat-backed or complex patterns, cut gates, sprues, vents and risers.

In day two artists will explore different materials for pattern making: how to make split patterns with correct taper and thicknesses, demonstrating the possibilities of adding gating systems to patterns including drag and cope patterns. Demonstrating moulding of patterns without a metal pour.

The third day will concentrate on pouring the metal into the moulds, and making subsequent moulds (with metal pours) if time allows.

On day four artists will transform their castings by removing the rough flashing (when released from the moulds) through a process known as fettling - using tools such as cold chisels, hacksaws, angle grinders with various disks, grinding wheels, bench sanders and hand sanders. Then a refined finish can be achieved using hand files and sandpaper, Dremel drills and polishing mops with compounds on a high-speed polishing motor. Basic patination techniques can be explored at this stage.

Kate Oram

Kate Oram was born and raised in Ireland, and moved to England to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics in Brighton in 1991. After thirty years in the studio producing finely crafted bronze and stone sculpture, in 2021 she completed an MA in Creative Practice at IT Sligo during which she engaged with new processes, exploring the depths of her connection to the landscape. Her work is now evolving towards a more conceptual, ecologically-focused art practice, allowing the creative forces of nature to shape her work.

Kate’s practice is tentatively crossing a threshold into ‘ecovention’, or art action to transform ecologies. She has completed a 7 week Ecoliteracy course with Cathy Fitzgerald, The future for Kate's practice is situated in what Cathy calls an "era-changing world view" by focusing her creativity on ecological concern.

Exhibitions include King House, Boyle Arts Festival 2012-2019, 2021; Sculpture in Context, Botanic Gardens, Dublin 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020 (online), 2021; Ballymaloe Sculpture Exhibition, Co. Cork, 2018; Sculpture at the Castle, Blarney, Co. Cork 2019; Walking Keshcorran, Tread Softly Festival, Sligo, 2021