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Discover the ancient technique of sandcasting, see examples of what you can make, learn how to make a master pattern and then cast it in aluminium and then how to finish it.

Advice on suitable patterns (flat-backed or two-part, with no undercuts) will be emailed to you. Everyday and found objects (bones, shells, nuts, household items) can lend themselves nicely to moulding, as well as your original sculpted patterns. You will be working with aluminium all weekend but working with other metals such as bronze will be discussed. This course will teach you the techniques required for bronze sandcasting. You would be able to return to hire the Sculpture Centre facilities to cast bronzes. Students come with: sturdy boots, a simple pattern (no undercuts). Beginners to intermediate. We have rooms to rent at €25 per night.

Kate oram metal workshop

Kate Oram

Kate Oram received a degree in Wood, Metal, Ceramics and Plastics from Brighton University in 1991, specialising in metal and wood. She has run her design workshop for 20 years, working in copper and bronze as well as aluminium, silver, steel, wood, perspex, concrete and stone.