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  • Tutor: Bettina Seitze
  • Participants: North Leitrim Women's Centre

Basic Sculpture And Casting techniques

The workshop explores and develops an array of different basic sculpture techniques and craft practices based on the principles of cold-casting existing as well as new forms made from molds. The workshop is highly flexible in being able to offer a range of techniques to meet the needs and interests of different participants:

Sculpture in Clay, Plaster, Jesmonite Resin, Wax or Concrete - Processes and Techniques includesimple metal armatures for smaller sculptures, hand-building sculptures using layers of plaster, Jesmonite resin or concrete; colouring and finishing techniques for sculptures in plaster, Jesmonite resin or concrete.

Mould making and casting techniques using plaster or laytex moulds; casting in clay, plaster, Jesmonite resin, concrete or wax; preparing moulds for casting with different materials and finishing of cast work (including wax sculptures suitable for lost wax casting in bronze); life casting techniques, including face/body casting with plaster bandages/plaster

Bettina Seitze

Working in materials such as white stone composite, aluminum, bronze and resin Seitze’s highly stylized human forms are presented standing or seated, alone or in couples and are poised to evoke a sense of stillness and calm. Known primarily for her public and private large scale work, her sculptures are exhibited and collected internationally. Recent shows include exhibitions at the Gordon Gallery, Derry, Belgravia Gallery, London, Renjeau Gallery, Boston and the Hamilton Gallery in Sligo. She has many commissions to her credit, including the annual Volta Award for the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.