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Accommodation in McKenna's (if required) 25 euros per night

This is a 4-day intensive masterclass in working with a wide variety of metalworking processes and equipment. It is aimed at sculptors who have a good understanding of their own practice, but limited experience of metalwork and welding. Participants should have an idea of what they want to achieve — a specific sculptural process, type of structure or combination of materials.

We will be working with a number of different metals commonly used by sculptors with fabrication and welding techniques (not casting). These will include: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Galvanised Steel and Aluminium.

Please note: we will not be welding Aluminium as this requires a more advanced level of welding experience.

The amount and complexity of different metalworking and/or welding techniques covered will be determined by the participantsneeds and levels of previous experience. In order to help plan and tailor the workshop to their particular needs, artists will be asked to describe in advance what experience of metalwork and welding they have, and what they are trying to achieve — with drawings and as much technical information as possible, e.g: any particular needs for the metalwork structure, such as strength, supporting function or joining to other materials, movement, incorporating lighting, etc.

Areas that we will be able to focus on include:

Design for metal construction: understanding how to design metalwork structures to work with other materials; measuring, planning, specifying; producing technical sketches to be read by others (engineers, commissioners, other technical specialists).

Welding instruction for the 4 most commonly used types of welding machine (traditional arc welder, inverter arc welder, MIG welder, TIG welder). This will include: basic principles of operation, how to use the welder safely (protection from light, heat, electric shock and awareness of potential dangers for others), setting up the welder and setting up the work and welding area (earth clamp position, safe and comfortable welding position, welding screens), the main elements of successful welding technique (penetration, fusion, moving the weld pool, allowing for heat movement and cooling), different types of welds (Fillet weld, butt weld, stitch weld, vertical weld), dressing the weld and finishing off work. In addition, there is the option to explore gas welding and brazing/soldering.

General metalwork techniques: understanding the main types of metals used by sculptors for fabricating and welding techniques (not casting), their physical qualities and formats they are supplied in; safe handling of metals; design and marking of metal; cutting techniques for metal (chopsaw, angle grinders, hacksaw); drilling metal (pillar drill and cordless drills); deburring, filing, grinding and sanding (with hand and power tools); mechanical joining techniques (bolts, hinges, brackets, rivets, taps and threads).

Further metalwork Techniques: sheet and plate metal: cutting, bending & folding; round bar, square bar, flat and hollow sections: bending & rolling; construction techniques — working with bars, angles, flats, hollow-sections, and plate metal to create frameworks and rigid supporting structures. We will analyse the needs of participating artists’ chosen sculptural forms to define the requirements of their metalwork components, for example: strength (in compression, in tension, rigidity vs flexibility), joining to other materials (concrete, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics), mechanisms for movement (hinges, pivots, telescopic bars), safely working with electrical components.

This workshop is aimed at professional, experienced sculptors. Artists will be provided with most health & safety equipment but will need to wear suitable work clothes. Further details will be provided before the workshop.

Noah Rose

Noah Rose is a visual artist based in rural County Galway. He trained in Three-dimensional Design at Manchester Metropolitan University and established Amp Studio, an open multidisciplinary sculpture studio in Salford, Greater Manchester in the 1990s. He is currently undertaking a part-time, practice-based PhD in the School of Fine Art at The Glasgow School of Art.

His practice moves across disciplines — centring around sculpture but incorporating drawing, lettercutting, installation, typography and printmaking, amongst others. His work incorporates a wide variety of materials and is led by context, exploring the invisible attributes of place through processes such as deep mapping and archival investigation. He has developed a diverse methodology incorporating socially engaged practice, place-led research, object-making, investigation of material processes and various strategies for situating work in public space to enable multilayered readings of landscape and place.

Throughout his career he has specialised in research-led public art projects, undertaking many commissions across Ireland and the UK, including ‘Leabharlann na gClocha Ceilte/The Hidden Stone Library, Cape Clear Island, Co.Cork (2021), ‘Peep Fiction’, Blackpool UK (2019), ‘Cóitheach’ (in collaboration with Selma Makela), Co.Mayo (2017), ‘The Museum of Interconnected Events/Músaem na dTáirluintí Idirnasca/El Museu d’Esdeveniments Interconnectats’ as part of ‘Changing Tracks’: Mayo, IRL/Girona, CAT/Northamptonshire, UK (2014), ‘Observatory, Burnley, UK (2010), ‘Third Bridge’, Derry (2006).

He has had solo exhibitions at Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2017), Áras Inis Gluaire (2017) and has shown work in group exhibitions and symposia internationally including ‘Contrafogos: Resistência a Invasão neoliberal,' Brazil (2015),‘Gobora Poko Auto’ IPAS’18, Bhubaneswar, India (2018), and Aarhus 2017 European Capital of Culture in Aarhus, Denmark.

He has undertaken residencies with Oileán AiR, Cape Clear Island, Co.Cork (2020), Mayo County Council/Tír Sáile (2017), Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2016, and has received awards from The Arts Council of Ireland (2021), Mayo County Council (2017), Galway County Council (2020) and Arts Council England (2022).

He has taught as a visiting and associate lecturer in Sculpture and Environmental Art at The Glasgow School of Art, Scotland (2020-22), Burren College of Art, Ireland (2021), University of Northampton, England, (2014-15), L’Escola Municipal d’Art, Girona, Catalunya (2014) and University of Salford, England (2012-14). He has worked in sculpture conservation, and as a freelance art handler and technician for many galleries and museums. He has also worked with individual artists and interdisciplinary arts collectives in collaborative and co-productive projects, working closely with artists of different disciplines to realise works requiring specialist metalwork processes.

During 2022-23 he is working on a public art commission in Irishtown, Co.Mayo and a research residency at the Whitaker Museum & Art Gallery, Rossendale, UK.