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  • Tutor: Margaret O’Brien
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Participants: 5
  • Cost: €320

Developing screen print using lith film

Technical processes
This is a hands on workshop that teaches how to develop lith film (positive image) for exposure onto a silkscreen. Lith film is similar to a photographic negative in that it carries extensive light based information of the image, however, it's a positive film therefore can be transferred directly to the screen using the photo exposure process. Lith film contains far more light information than its digital counterparts, and enables multiple exposures of the image at different exposures times to build a multi-layered, fine detail photographic image through screen print. Photographic images on b&w analogue film can be developed onto lith film in a manner that is similar to printing onto photographic paper. Lith film can also be developed at any scale (depending on facilities and size of screens etc). The participants will develop their own lith film from their own b&w negatives, which will then be transferred to the screen using the photographic exposure. Participants will produce their own multi-layered photographic print, approximately 4 – 8 layers depending on individual artistic vision. Experimentation within the various processes is encouraged. Beginner experience of screen print is necessary.

Tools Images / visual research on b&w negative film, masking tape, scissors, sheet of heavy acetate A1 size (gauge to follow), green Frog tape

Equipment All screen printing facilities, equipment, and workshop materials including photo exposure facilities. Darkroom facilities, equipment and materials. Lith film, lith film developing chemicals. Newsprint. Screen printing paper.

Margaret O’Brien
Margaret O’Brien is a visual artist based between Ireland and the UK. She graduated with BA in Fine Art from Limerick School of Art (1995), and MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade School of Art, London (2004). Between 2011 and 2019, she completed MPhil in Art and PhD at Trinity College Dublin. She explores concepts of failure through installation using a combination of sculpture, live sound, light, moving image and kinetics.

O’Brien’s training and background is in printmaking, and this discipline continues to inform her approach to making in her current practice. She has specialist expertise in silkscreen and has worked with many artists in the production of new works. She was master printmaker in silkscreen at Black Church Print Studio in Dublin from 1999-2002. Following this she became master printmaker in silkscreen at London Print Studio from 2003-2008. She has also been a long-standing lecturer in print at Crawford College of Art & Design in Cork, and at the National College of Art & Design, Dublin. Prior to her shift towards installation, O’Brien had a well-established practice in silkscreen for which she received significant awards. These include the Mary Farl Powers Award for Printmaking from the Arts Council of Ireland; Euan Uglow Scholarship from the Slade School of Art, London; Travel & Training Award and several Artist Bursary Awards from the Arts Council of Ireland; and a postgraduate scholarship award from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK.