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  • Tutor: Stuart Lawn and Liz Byrne
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Participants: 5

Community Workshop

Lazer Engraving involves first generating a digital black and white graphic image based on a linear design or from black and white photo. The second stage involves working with the image in photoshop preparing it for the lazer machine. The lazer machine is then calibrated ie; tests are done on different acrylic sheets to gauge the depth and thickness of the line to be lazer cut. The image is then engraved in to the surface of the acrylic using the lazer machine cutting to the required depth.

The engraved design is inked up just as you would a dry point etch into acrylic sheet. The ink is cleaned off the surface leaving the design as ink filled engraved lines in the acrylic. Finally the image is printed on to dampened paper in an etching press.

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