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  • Tutor: Aaron Dees
  • Duration: 2 days

Community Workshop

This workshop will offer participants a point of view as to how data can be used within creative practice, as well as techniques and tools that can be used to create a physical piece of artwork from data. The workshop will introduce what data is, the common forms it takes, and also how these might be used in the context of creative practice. For this workshop participants will use sounds as a form of data.

Participants will be introduced to the idea of processing data through computer programs. Computer programming basics will be introduced, specifically those of the programming language named, Processing. Participants will learn how to use Processing to create visual outputs through experimentation of its basic functionalities. They will be introduced to how data can be manipulated and how visual representations of data can be formed. Using these techniques participants will create visual digital artworks of selected audio recordings.

The earliest computer art was produced before computer screens existed, using plotters. These are simple devices that receive instructions from a computer and draw using a moving arm on a X and Y axis. Finally participants will have the opportunity to use plotters to create physical artworks from their visualisations of sound recordings.

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Aaron Dees is an Irish based multimedia artist and PhD candidate. His PhD research is on ‘Neural Audio Synthesis of Bio-Acoustics’ where his focus is on understanding the perception of bio-acoustics and the limits of modeling these mathematically. His primary creative practice is research-led across a range of media and critical topics. The focal point of his practice remains in the concept of information, human perception, technology and environment. Being an advocate for the benefits of interdisciplinary research, his work touches on these topics and explores the intersections between them.

To date, he has worked with a range of communicative and artistic forms, including, light installations, digital projections, computer programming and visual artworks. Most recently he has been interested in using computer algorithms with plotting machines to produce visual forms of non-physical information. He was awarded an Exhibition Residency at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre in 2023.