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  • Tutor: David Spence
  • Participants: North Leitrim Men's Shed

The project involved making a shaving horse. This is an ancient tool/work bench used for centuries to make rustic furniture and tools. It is also a vital item for the making of the Leitrim Chair. The men of the North Leitrim Men's Shed work in horticulture and became interested in traditional craft skills. The shaving horse is used to make and repair handles for agricultural tools (pitch forks, rakes, spades, etc.) and rustic furniture such as stools and as mentioned, the Leitrim Chair.

The skills learned by making the shaving horse are varied and result in a very practical item that the men can use on an ongoing basis. Normally these tools are made from wild timbers and split and formed, however, this project used commercial timbers, more practical for training.