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  • Tutor: Fab Lab, Creative Heartlands and the LSC

This 3 day workshop series presented by Creative Heartlands and delivered by 3D Printing Ireland (3DPI), a commercial 3D printing bureau based in Dublin, uncovered the process of turning a 2D sketch or painting into a fully realised life sized 3D printed sculpture. Participants physically constructed a life sized model that 3DPI printed and the second part of the workshop concentrated on the physical techniques of joining and finishing the 3D printed sections into a completed sculpture. The workshops are aimed at practising artists who want to explore new processes and methods of realising their work in 3D using digital technology and additive manufacturing processes.

On day 1, there was an introduction to 3D Modelling using Z-Brush. Participants learned the basics of Digital 3D Sculpting including primary shaping, dynamic topology, texturing and UV maps. Each participant created a small practice project that was 3D printed after the session. On day 2, a physical model was build from 3D printed sections. Participants were shown a range of joining and finishing techniques, the materiality of PLA and Resin based plastics and commonly used adhesives for 3D sculptures. On day 3, participants were shown the techniques for applying a final finished ‘look’ to the 3D printed sculpture. The day finished with a refresher on 3D digital modelling and a comparison of the digital and physical models.