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  • Tutor: Nick Hughes and Stuart Lawn
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Participants: 6

Community Workshop

Castable resins, also called “wax resins”, allow you to print parts ready to be used as molds for casting metal, including aluminum, tin, brass, and precious metals. The method is called investment casting, and it follows the same general pattern as lost wax casting. This basic course involves designing a small jewellry type object (Medallion or Ring) in CAD and then 3D print this in Castable Resin. A mold is then made around the printed resin.

We then do an investment casting process: this involves a burn out of the resin from the mold. We then move into the foundry for the final day to pour hot metal into the mold void. When it's cooled the mold material is broken away to reveal the final cast metal object.

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Nick Hughes is a master foundry man who has worked for many years across all aspects of mouldmaking and casting processes primarily in England, France and Ireland. He lives in Manorhamilton and is based at Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

Stuart Lawn is an ex-post punk bassist, ex-indie A&R man, ex-sound engineer, ex-record producer, ex-IT support engineer, ex-technical director and is constantly looking for the next -ex! He is currently the director of FABLAB Manorhamilton, a digital fabrication facility and creative makerspace in rural Leitrim. He believes given half a chance everyone has a great design or an innovative product inside them and he really wants to be there to help make that spark of creativity happen.