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Community Workshop

3D printers can extrude everything from Kaolin and porcelain clay to stoneware and terracotta, even concrete (but that's a different story). This two day workshop spread over two weeks to allow for drying is aimed at artists who wish to get experience in 3D Printing with Clay. The workshop is facilitated by Stuart Lawn. Participants will get to see the 3D Ceramic Printing process and get to experiment with using simple 3D CAD software to create their own designs to 3D Print in clay.

The workshop will focus on the design forms and types of clay that are suitable for 3D Printing and the aim is to inspire artists and existing ceramicists to consider using these new digital fabrication tools to expand and augment their existing artistic practices.

Bettina Seitz was born in Germany, lives and works in Ireland. Bettina graduated in sculpture from the Accademia Albertina delle Belle Arti, Turin, Italy and has exhibited her work widely nationally and internationally. Recent projects include: ‘A Trembling Veil’ at Belgravia Gallery, London with Patrick Hall & Nick Miller; ‘Ghosts’, site-responsive exhibition at The Model & historical buildings in Sligo for the 1916-2016 centenary. Group shows include exhibitions in New York, Berlin, London, Dublin and Boyle Arts Festival. Recent project include: ‘Walking Birds Mountain I and II’- collaborative projects of visual artists, writers and archeologists exploring the landscape and mythology of the Ballygawley mountains in County Sligo and ‘Underwave’- an underwater exhibition in Sligo Bay of 11 sculptures filmed & streamed online to an international audience for Tread Softly festival 2020 and also 'Ancestors', a site-responsive sculpture installation on Oyster Island, filmed and streamed for Tread Softly festival in 2021.