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Traces explores the historical resonances of place through the use of different found materials, collected stories and local songs. During the first part of the project artist Sandra Corrigan Breathnach recorded 9 stories from the HSE Kilgar Active Age Group relating to the history of specific locations and buildings across the town.

These stories formed 9 boxed sound-installations positioned at the relevant locations and activated by the passing public. The boxed-housing for these speakers was designed and built by local artists in collaboration with the artist. The installations were complimented by a series of print workshop in the LSC Community Pop-Up Shop on Main street. Photographic details of old buildings in the town were used to inspire a series of lino-cuttings made by members of the Womens Centre, Manorhamilton.

The lino-cuts were subsequently exhibited at the LSC gallery along with a series of willow sculpture and a crotchet-performance piece involving 4 members of the Womens Centre. The exhibition involved participation from members of the Kilgar group and focused on how memory, materials, movement and song can influence our conception of place.

The final work in Trace took place at the Samhain Parade on Nov. 1st at Manorhamilton Castle. This consisted of a special choral work written by theatre director Declan Drohan and performed by members of the Manorhamilton Choir. The performance coincided with a large burning Willow Dome made by the specialist Creel maker Tom O’Brien in collaboration with members of the Womens Centre and the artist.

Culture Night 20 sept. - Gallery and Town Soundscape Presentation
1ST November, 2019 , 8.15pm Manorhamilton Castle Choral Performance Work


Sandra Corrigan Breathnach's Corrigan-Breathnach has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, most recently her performance at '60-120 Breaths' in Flax Art Belfast as part of 'Humanism in Process'. Other performances include, La Chambre Blanche for Inter le lieu's prestigious Rencontre internationale d'art performance (RiAP) Québec Canada 2018; Pollen Gallery Belfast; The Belfast International Festival of Performance Art and the Acción Mad 16 – XIII Encuentro De Arte De Acción, at the Matadero Madrid. Following a Collaboration with renowned artist Alastair MacLennan, Corrigan-Breathnach and MacLennan created their Performance Installation exhibition 'Breath and Blood' in the Burren College Gallery, Co. Clare. The exhibition included live performance, drawings, video, sound works and sculpture. Previous collaborations include working closely with Artist James King, their 2016 exhibition 'Pollenate' in the Void Gallery Derry, was a combination of live performance, video, animation, photography and sound works. Sandra is a member of the performance art organisation Bbeyond.

‘PERFORMING NORTH LEITRIM’ is a community-based performing arts collaboration between Leitrim Sculpture Centre & The Glens Centre in Manorhamilton, North County Leitrim. This ongoing collaborative partnership explores site-specific engagements with ‘place’ through a creative collaboration between the two Centres advancing cross-disciplinary support and participation through the sharing of resources, knowledge, expertise and skills. Drawing on the idea of collective creativity within the visual and performing arts traditions - including theatre, performance and installation art, street performance, story-telling, sound and music generation, and the performance of the everyday - the project develops opportunities for artists to collaborate with local communities on a cross artform basis using the resources of the two Centres. (Sean O’Reilly, LSC 2019)

PERFORMING NORTH LEITRIM was financially supported by CREATIVE IRELAND under the CREATIVE COUNTIES project organized by Sarah Searson, Director, The Dock, Carrrick on Shannon, 2019.





Creative Counties is a network of six venues, in four counties who are developing a programme of three exchange projects. The Creative Counties programme was awarded a Creative Ireland National Award and is supported by Local Authorities in Leitrim, Longford, Sligo and Roscommon. The project is led by Dock and includes The Hawks Well, Backstage Theatre, Roscommon Arts Centre, The Glens Centre and Leitrim Sculpture Centre. This network bring together venues, audiences and creative communities through sharing projects which focus on The performing arts, music and theatre devised for the broad communities in which the venues exist.

Performing North Leitrim realized two projects in 2019 entitled Traces by visual artist Sandra Corrigan-Breathnach, and, The Return of the Lesser Known Púca Ó Ruairc & The Tin Tabernacle of Tunes by performing artist Little John Nee.

Project 1: "Traces"

Project 2: "The Return of the Lesser Known Púca Ó Ruairc & The Tin Tabernacle of Tunes"