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Exhibition Opening Friday 2nd September, 5pm – 8pm

Exhibition continues to Thurs, 29 September, 4pm, 2022

Taking a broad view of the precarious conditions and imminent threats created by the collapse of ecosystems around the globe Clare argues that the present human systems we employ to survive are the cause of the disconnection of living organisms to their environment; the loss of bio-diversity; the proliferation of CO2 in our atmosphere and the depletion of forestry and soil. Many of these problems impact directly on Clare’s central concern – that of species extinction and the importance of these species to sustainable life. Using examples of insect and plant extinctions both in Ireland and globally the exhibition highlights the scale and scope of the environmental risks we face as well as employs recent eco-engineering modelling and adaption to explore some of the ways we might imagine solutions.

Expanding on the theme of extinction further Clare references epic Assyrian poetry, and narrated passages form a number of seminal works on entomology; glaciology and paleoclimatology. The sculptural objects, video works and literary references together form a cautionary tale of environmental destruction whilst creating their own ecosystem inviting the viewer to imagine the interconnection of all things and the scale and pervasive nature of the eco-system breakdown we face.

Mark Clare

Mark Clare has had several solo exhibitions both nationally and internationally including most recently, The Little Things Matter - Pro Arts, Oakland, California, USA 2019; If Not You - Sirius Arts Centre, Cork 2017; Que sais-je? - Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris 2015; I Believe In You - The Model, Sligo, 2015 and the Craword Art Gallery, Cork 2014. Selected Group Shows have included IMMA OUTDOORS, - Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin 2021; Bank, Blank - Alte Sparkasse, Berlin 2018; I Slept Like A Stone - The LAB, Dublin 2018; The Kaunas Biennial - The National Museum of M. K. C, Kaunas, Lithuania 2017; August Destiny - The Pearse Museum, Dublin 2017 & St Carthage Hall Lismore Castle, Waterford 2016; What If We Got it Wrong? - Centre Culturel Irlandais, Paris, 2016; Seachange - Tulca Festival, Galway 2015; Phoenix Rising - The Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin 2014; Into the Light - A new work commissioned by the Arts Council to celebrate 60 years of the Arts Council Collection.

In 2008 he was awarded an Open Award EV+A 2008 by the International Critic and Curator Hou Hanru and has regularly been awarded funding by The Arts Council of Ireland since 2004.