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Exhibition ran from 19th January until 3rd February

Manorhamilton Print Group is an informal group of individuals which includes artists who work in the studio independently, and participants in the Print Group’s Peer-to-Peer programme. The Peer-to-Peer programme offers facilitated time in the print studio for people who want to work with guidance, to learn from each other, and to print in a sociable environment. The programme has been running for over 10 years, a lot has been learned, and these sessions have become an important opportunity for interaction between group members, leading to projects such as the Print Symposium “Evidence of small behaviours” in 2015, the Inprint exhibition (2021) and the Overprint Project (ongoing).

Overprint is an ongoing collaborative Print Exchange project in which artists create a print which is then exchanged with another artist to be printed over with their own work. Initially the project was trialled “in-house” solely between members of Manorhamilton Print Group and then the project was extended to collaborate with artists in Ottowa-Gatineau Printmaking Connective.

If you would like to join the group and/or attend the Peer-to-Peer sessions please email or drop in on a Thursday evening or Friday morning during the academic term.

Manorhamilton Print Group is co-ordinated by Liz Byrne and Phoebe Dick and it’s Peer-to-Peer programme is supported by the Mayo Sligo Leitrim Education and Training Board.

Over 50 individuals have work in this exhibition. All of the work has been made through Manorhamilton Print Group and the Leitrim Sculpture Centre print studio.

Artists on show in Show & Sell include: Adriane Collins; Aideen Connolly; Almha Walshe; Ambrose Tully; Anna Macleod; Annie Mc Guinness; Beth Shepherd; Catherine Bourne; Chelsea Canavan; Christine Harrison; Cróna Gallagher; Deidre Hierlihy; Dorothee Kolle; Finola McFadden; Gillian Wright; Grainne McMenamin; Helen Pinoff; Hiudai Croker; Ian Jermyn; Imelda Peppard; Jean Campbell; Jesse Johnson; Jo Lewis; Laura McMorrow; Lily Breeze; Lisa Callaghan; Liz Byrne; Lorna Watkins; Mairead Higgins; Maria Mollohan; Niall Walshe; Patricia Slighte; Patti Lefebvre; Paul McNama; Phoebe Dick; Rosemary Kerrigan; Sandra Mc Gloin; Seán Breathnach; Shealagh Pope; Sonya Swarte; Soraya Ricalde; Stephanie Amos; Steve Wickham; Susan Cartwright; Susan Gadsby; Susan Mannion; Susan Mc Donnell; Susan Walshe; Sylvia Bretzloff; Tamsin Cavaliero; Tara Baoth-Mooney; Tina Pommer; Valerie Bridgeman; Vicky Crawford.