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Exhibition Opens 24/11/2023

Exhibition continues until 16/12/2023

Making space for individuals and groups to interact through creative activity is the backbone of Phoebe and Liz’s shared practice. Though rooted in the print studio they facilitate across a range of processes together and share a strong belief in peer learning, and in learning being about having the opportunity to develop skills and interests, rather than formal instruction.

Print can be fantastically confusing - positive and negative space, the reversal of images, layering, reproducing, or playing with variations. This exhibition residency gave Phoebe and Liz the time and space to openly explore some of the fundamentals of print, learn together, and to collaborate as artists rather than technicians.

To maintain some of the surprise and responsiveness that facilitating others generates Phoebe and Liz used What3Words, a geo-locating system that assigns 3 random words to each 3-metre square on earth. This system shed a new light on familiar places and nudged them to explore new places and processes.

In Linelight Phoebe and Liz take elements from the surrounding landscapes and push them through various processes to describe the spaces they have created and explored together. The resulting exhibition is a large paper-based installation incorporating print and sculptural works.

Phoebe Dick and Liz Byrne
We print because of a love for the techniques and processes involved, the aesthetics that result from these processes and the accessibility of print as a medium. In the studio, we discovered a shared desire to introduce people to print and developed a collaborative facilitating practice. Over the years we have run open submission exhibitions (The Loveliest Tree 2015 and 2016) the Print symposium (Evidence of Small Behaviours 2015) as well as a whole range of other creative community projects such as the cross-border Stitching Stories in 2019.

We have both had solo print-based shows in the LSC Gallery (Phoebe I Am Here 2013 and Liz Outsider 2017) and outside of our visual practices are active in our community in other ways, such as running a local book club and the Open-Mic.

First: Phoebe and Liz have their exhibition opening in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre gallery on Friday 24th November, hope to see y'all there!

Show and Sell
Manorhamilton Print Group
19th January – 03 February 2024

There will be a Print Group exhibition "Show and Sell" opening in the Leitrim Sculpture Centre on 19th January – 03 February 2024. You are invited to show work in this exhibition.

The Print Group exhibition "Show and Sell" celebrates 10 years of Manorhamilton Print Group and the works which have been produced in the print studio over this time. We have seen really excellent work over such a range of processes and subject matter layering up on the drying rack over the years we’ve been working with ye and we’d love to showcase this and have the opportunity to bring you makers together to celebrate.

This exhibition will partly function as a fundraiser for the artists involved and Manorhamilton Print Group, with money from sales being split 50/50 between the artist and the print group. Money going to the print group will help us keep going, help pay facilitation wages, buy better tools and materials for use in the sessions and extend our reach.

We’d love for you to take part in this, it's an opportunity for you to show and sell work in the gallery with your peers so pull out some of those prints you've made over the years and get them into us - they are lovely prints and worth it, don't be shy!

Details for submissions are given below and attached as a separate document.

Obviously, we have a lot to do in the coming weeks, so do please read the details for submission carefully and if you have queries be patient if we are slow answering you. If some of you would like to help administering the “Show and Sell’" between now and that exhibition opening (on 19th January), please let us know and we’d appreciate that!

Best wishes and look forward to seeing you and your work soon,

P & L