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Residency 3/4/24 - 30/4/24

I have always made things. In 2022 I finished a masters degree which has inspired and taught me a lot. I came across the concept of Hauntology, which fascinates me. Hauntology can be described in different ways, but one is; a longing for lost futures. In this context (and others) Hauntology can be a lens through which to approach thoughts about for example the wars in the world, climate change, social media, ageing; subjects that interest me and make me want to act in some way.

At the moment I am looking into different ways of using light to catch images, analogue photography, pinhole, screenprint, film. I am learning about playing with words, I am learning more about the use of light in painting. I am investigating the meanings and implications of Hauntology and will try to find my ways to talk about my observations with image and word.

Sonya Swarte

I live and work in Leitrim. I’m originally from the Netherlands where I studied the archaeology of South and Meso America (Leiden University, BA honours 2005). I have always been interested in the human stories that are our lives and the constructing and reconstructing we always seem to do in our need for understanding and meaning. I like to explore ways in which material objects are part of stories, through use, ownership, repair, and playing with dismantling, repurposing etc. I used this interest a lot in the building of my house, where I live with my three children.

I enjoy creating (building, drawing, painting, sewing, photography, printing). I have helped facilitate creative workshops in primary schools and for Halloween parades, and in December 2022 I finished a Masters in Creative Practice degree. During my study, I got more interested in analogue photography and experimental animation and I produced two shorts, “Bridey “and “Missing Something?”

Bridey in collaboration with Mary Blake (script and audio), which was shown at the Galway Film Festival 2022.

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