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This residency offers Phoebe and Liz the opportunity to work together in a way that is different to facilitation. Over 10 years they have built a shared working practice running the Manorhamilton Print Group and its Peer-to-Peer programme of facilitated studio time through the Leitrim Sculpture Centre Print studio, where they assist with maintaining the facilities and support visiting artists.

They run creative sessions together outside of print and are sometimes found using clay, singing, or sewing with participants across a range of settings.

This residency provides time and space to practice what they preach, designing and resolving creative challenges together in a considered way. It is an opportunity to explore and incorporate other processes possible throughout the Sculpture Centre facilities.

To help navigate this new landscape of shared practice Phoebe and Liz will be using What3Words: If you search “intellectual.drift.carelessly” you can find the Leitrim Sculpture Centre Gallery, where they will be sharing the results of the residency with you.

Phoebe Dick and Liz Byrne

We know each other through the Print studio. We found Manorhamilton in our own ways but both stayed for the people, the landscape, and the opportunities here. We print because of a love for: the techniques and processes involved, the beauty and aesthetics that result from these processes, and the accessibility and democratic history of print as a medium.

In the studio, we discovered a shared desire to introduce more people to print and developed a collaborative facilitating practice from there. Over the years we have run open submission exhibitions (The Loveliest Tree 2015 and 2016) the Print symposium Evidence of Small Behaviours (2015) as well as a whole range of other creative community projects such as the cross-border Stitching Stories in 2019.

We have both had solo print-based shows in the LSC Gallery (Phoebe I Am Here 2013 and Liz Outsider 2017) and outside of our visual practices are active in our community in other ways, such as running a local book club and the Open-Mic.

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