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Manal Mahamid investigates identity, memory, and the impact of political and ideological forces on society. As a participant on the LSC Technical Development Residency programme Mahamid is advancing techniques across print, ceramics, glass and wood in a new body of work that explores the effects of colonialism on the ecological balance of the Palestinian landscape and in relation to the concept of home navigation.

Colonialism in Palestine has split the country and re-zoned the land. No-where is this more palpable than around the dividing walls of the West-Bank. As Mahamid states. ‘Such barriers prevent not only humans from moving from one side to another, but also animals, affecting catastrophically on the local ecology. At the same time, millions of displaced people worldwide face a similar fate as they are prevented from returning to their motherland due to political barriers and transfer policies between state borders. The right to return home is a fundamental right for every human, and non-human, being. Just like other human rights, such as the right to housing and food and people's right to equality.’

Manal Mahamid (1976) is a conceptual multidisciplinary Palestinian artist born in “Moawia” village, and currently based in Haifa and Dublin since 2020. She earned her Master’s in fine arts at the University of Haifa in 2006, where she obtained a scholarship of Excellence. She received a degree in Museology and Curation from the University of Tel Aviv four years later. Currently, she is finalizing her second master's degree in "cultural policies and art" management at UCD University in Dublin, Ireland.

Mahamid works across multiple mediums, including sculpture, video, installation, painting, and photography. "A.M Qattan Young Artist" shortlisted Mahamid for the A.M Qattan Young Artist of the Year Award in 2002. She is a recipient of the 2007 Delfina Foundation’s Resident Artist Award as part of the Riwaq Biennale, a collaboration between the Delfina Foundation and the A.M. Qattan Foundation. Her work has been part of several exhibitions in London, Chicago, Cairo, Dusseldorf, Haifa, Ramallah, Um El Fahim, and Jericho and in over 70 group exhibitions. She also exhibited her work as part of the Qalandiya International Festival in 2014 and 2016, organized by the Arab Culture Association in Haifa.

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Landscape, Ecology & Environment Research Residencies