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01/10/2021 - 31/12/2021

Concerned with the history of technical images and heavily influenced by experimental cinema and media archaeology, I create films, books, and multi-media installations that engage different levels of visual and cultural recognition to question our perception of language and audio-visual experiences.

I have developed new ways of engaging with images through inter-medial procedures that question the intended purpose of the devices and focus on both the materials themselves and on the sensory experiences they can produce, often revealing artistic and conceptual relations between analog and digital images.

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Filmmaker profile on Light Core

Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Helena Gouveia Monteiro is a visual artist and experimental filmmaker from Portugal. She received her MFA from the ENSA Villa Arson in Nice in 2015 and lives and works between Dublin and Marseille. Her work has been shown internationally in both cinema and gallery spaces and she is supported by the Arts Council of Ireland (Film Bursary Award 2020) and by Fingal County Council. She was a resident at Fire Station Artists' Studios in Dublin and Light Cone Atelier 105 in Paris in 2020, and at Hangar in Lisbon in 2021. She is the co-founder of Stereo Editions, an independent publishing collective of artists’ editions and currently co-directs the LUX Critical Forum Dublin.

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