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5/5/2023 - 4/7/2023

Aaron’s creative interest is currently in research-led practices and multimedia artworks, in the form of visual artworks and installations. He is fascinated by the concept of information, and how information is perceived and processed, be that by a human, a machine, a leaf or anything in the world that interacts with information. He follows the idea that we are surrounded by infinite and ever-expanding amounts of information, and what gives that information meaning is that which processes it.

Over the past number of years, Aaron has been developing a creative practice, engaging with creative-critical research with a focus on this concept, and the dialogue that emerges between natural and synthetic elements and processes. His aim with his work is to take information in a given state and form, and to re-interpret it, to give it new meaning, and challenge how it was originally perceived. In doing this, results can evoke responses from viewers: challenging perceptions, raising questions and revealing hidden insights.

Aaron believes in the importance of technologically critical projects happening and engaging with rural communities, outside the central currents of where most technological thinking traditionally happens. His goal with upcoming projects is to highlight the value in living outside these central currents, to show that rural communities and environments are still connected, but looking in another direction.

Aaron Dees

Aaron Dees is an Irish multimedia artist and PhD candidate at TU Dublin. His PhD research is on ‘Neural Audio Synthesis of Bio-Acoustics’ where his focus is on understanding the perception of bio-acoustics and the limits of modelling these mathematically. His primary creative practice is research-led across a range of media and critical topics. The focal point of his practice remains in the concept of information, human perception, technology and environment. Being an advocate for the benefits of interdisciplinary research, his work touches on these topics and explores the intersections between them.

From a young age, Aaron has had a deep admiration for both the natural world and the world of mathematics, and the connections between the two. These two areas have informed most of his life decisions to date. Coming from a mathematical and scientific background he is shifting focus toward the development of creative practices and using artworks as a form of communication, understanding and questioning.

To date, he has worked with a range of communicative and artistic forms, including, light installations, digital projections, computer programming and visual artworks. Most recently he has been interested in using computer algorithms with CNC plotting machines to produce visual forms of non-physical information.

Past Residencies


Landscape, Ecology & Environment Research Residencies