The aim of the LSC workshop programme is to advance skills and knowledge across all the main traditional and contemporary art making disciplines by focusing on the material processes connected to the Centre’s resources.

The demystification of ‘technique’ brings new communities into the centre whilst supporting artists in the development of new ideas and processes. An integrated structure ensures workshops are connected and the movement between courses is both possible and encouraged. The more advanced levels attract artists in search of new combinations of materials and approaches as well as their application within diverse artistic or social contexts.

To book a place on any workshop, download a Booking Form and send it in to us with payment. If no price is displayed for a workshop, please email us and we will book you a place and send you the details closer to the time.


Sat 03 September 2016, (10am – 4.30pm)
Documenting Your Work with Veronica Nicholson

Visual Artists Ireland in partnership with Creative Frame Leitrim and Leitrim Sculpture Centre

COST: €48 For Artists Outside of Leitrim and Non Members VAI & CF

€20 – Creative Frame & VAI Members

To Book Follow this Link:

N.B. Places on this session are prioritised for members of Creative Frame and VAI. If you are a Leitrim based artist and wish to register with Creative Frame follow this link prior to booking:

The importance of good quality documentation of your work cannot be understated. Good photographs can make all the difference to your exhibition proposals, funding applications, curator visits and online visibility.
During the day we will look at:
• Getting to know your Digital SLR camera, what settings to use
• What other equipment is needed for a basic set-up
• Guidance on image format
• Lighting: how to light 2D, how to light 3D work, using available light, and using artificial light.
• Post-processing in computer/laptop using software that came with your camera and/or other free software.
• Guidance on what format to use when saving master images for future use.
What participants should bring
• An example of your artwork, 2D or 3D
• DSLR Camera (Not instamatics or phone cameras)
• Any CDs you got with camera, manuals and cables etc
• Tripod if you have one
• Laptop if you have one
Veronica Nicholson trained as a photographer of artworks in the National Gallery of Ireland, and then with David Davison, photographing for Christies catalogues and the Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin. She has a Diploma in Professional Photography from DIT, and a Masters Art in the Digital World from NCAD. She was Head of Photography at the Burren College of Art, and currently teaches digital photography in Edenderry and Athlone. She is currently working on a percent for arts commission from Offaly County Council in the form of a Photobook, which will be published in November

Creative Frame is a free membership network for artists and creative practitioners based in Leitrim and the surrounding areas. It was set up to support the ongoing professional development and growth of Leitrim's vibrant creative sector and to help people to actively shape their own career progression. It is aimed at professional and emerging practitioners from any arts or design field such as visual arts, architecture, music, performing arts, literature, film, craft and design who wish to make a living or a significant part of their living from their practice.

Sat 10th & 11th September 2016
Photopolymer and Photo-etching Print Techniques (Foundation)
Tutor: Johnny Bulger. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: max 6. Cost: €180

Photopolymer printmaking utilises a light activated printmaking plate that is etched without the need for acid
and produces results similar to the 19th century photographic process of photogravure. You will use readymade
Japanese 'Solarplates' that are exposed to an image and the image is 'etched' into the plastic layer and
developed in a mild soda solution. In addition photopolymer film from the roll can be used as a photographic
etch resist allowing a photographic image to be etched into a plate (steel, zinc or copper) using various
acids. Plates are inked up by hand and printed on the press in the traditional manner. The course offers basic
foundation skills in both approaches and will be of particular interest to those working with photographic
images as well as hand-drawn artwork.

Sat 10th & 11th September 2016
Sand Casting In Aluminium Workshop
Tutor: Kate Oram. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €160

Discover the ancient technique of sandcasting, see examples of what you can make, learn how to make a master
pattern and then cast it in aluminium and then how to finish it. Advice on suitable patterns (flat-backed or twopart,
with no undercuts) will be emailed to you. Everyday and found objects (bones, shells, nuts, household
items) can lend themselves nicely to moulding, as well as your original sculpted patterns. You will be working
with aluminium all weekend but working with other metals such as bronze will be discussed. Students should
come with sturdy boots and a simple pattern (no undercuts). Beginners to intermediate.

Saturday 17th September 2016
Bronze Pour for participants of Mouldmaking Workshops
Tutor: Keith Alan Seybert. Duration: 1 Day. Participants: 8. Cost: €310

Students from refractory mouldmaking and those with existing moulds ready to be poured are brought together
for different Bronze Pour days. Techniques in preparing moulds and pouring hot bronze are demonstrated and
the safe operation of the bronze furnace and cooling and opening casts is covered. Moulds need to be at LSC at
least two days before to be burnt our ready for the pour. Students come with: sturdy boots. There is no bronze
cost included in the price of the workshop. Students will weigh their bronze when they leave and pay €7/lb.
Keith Alan Seybert received masters' degrees in Sculpture, and Glass and Ceramics from Washington
University, St. Louis in 1987 and 1995. He has led numerous workshops in a variety of glass and sculpture
techniques in the US, Europe and beyond. From 1999 to 2001 he was a Senior Researcher at the Royal College
of Art, London. He currently lives in Ireland and works in his Blarney studio.

Sunday 18th September 2016
Patination and Finishing of Metal Workshop
Tutor: Keith Seybert. Duration: 1 Day. Cost: €130

Participants will learn safe effective cold-working procedure: cutting, grinding, carving, polishing, hand
lapping, and sand blasting. Many helpful "tricks" and time saving "short cuts" will be demonstrated as
applicable to this arduous, yet gratifying, process. Significant texts on patination of copper based metals will be
made available for reference and discussion. Some basic patinas will be demonstrated. Please come with
wellies and rain gear. If you have one, bring a bronze object for patinating.

Sat 22nd & Sun 23rd October 2016
Modelling The Head In Clay - From Life Workshop
Tutor: Jackie McKenna. Duration: 2 Days. Participant: 6 Cost: €160

This module is open to beginners and those with some experience in clay modelling.
Students will learn to make an armature and model a head in clay from life.

Sat 5th & Sun 6th November 2016
Traditional Print Japanese Woodblock Printmaking Workshop
Tutor: Debra Bowden. Duration: 2 Days. Participants: 6. Cost: €150

Japanese woodblock printmaking is an ancient art form dating back to the 8th century. This beautiful technique
of carving and printing from woodblocks is a non-toxic technique which uses watercolours and water based
inks. The fine structure of Japanese papers enables hand burnishing with a baren (bamboo pad) instead of using
a printing press.
This two day workshop is suitable for beginners and those with some previous experience who would like to
refresh their knowledge and improve their basic skills. Students will learn how to carve and print an edition of
colour prints (maximum size: 23 x 15 cm) using the Japanese registration method of 'Kento'. Colours are
printed in stages using the reduction block method (the block is carved appropriately for each colour). Students
are asked to bring visual ideas in the form of drawings, photographs etc.