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Artist: Marie Farrington

Portfolio of previous work (Please click on image to enlarge):


Artist Statement: My practice is an ongoing attempt to draw gentle attention to the elusive, the momentary and the residual. Tracing the intimate intersections between knowledge and making, my work unpacks the history of form and the form of history through unfolding circular processes, uncovering the subtle forces and entropies contained in materials. My works are spectral, ephemeral testing grounds revealing invisible processes and tiny occurrences unfolding in spaces and on surfaces. I use sculpture as a mode of semiotic excavation: as a means of uncovering and mapping associative, latent or vestigial qualities in sites and substances, and of setting materials in conversation with each other.
My work evokes a tenuous sense of narrative in groups of materials that are chronologically-bound. Pollen, coal, milk, plaster, wax, oil and ink often coincide in my installations. I enable materials to act upon each other, embedding both place and time into the works to produce objects that drift between their current, provisional forms and the future existences they relentlessly suggest. The unifying consequence is that of time arrested momentarily in the process of materials expending energy. Many of my pieces, although working within a concept of sculpture, exist as flat planes and use acts such as folding, layering, polishing or covering to establish a sense of image-hood that emphasises the notion of surface as a point of intersection between sculptures, images and architectural forms.

Biography: Marie Farrington works primarily in sculpture. She studied at DIT (BA 2013) and NCAD (MA 2016).

Recent exhibitions include A Vague Anxiety at Irish Museum of Modern Art (2019); Disruptors, Highlanes Gallery (2019); Fore, fold, Pallas Projects/Studios (solo, 2019); RESORT Revelations, Fingal County Council Arts Office (2018); Cf at the Research Pavilion, Venice Biennale (2017); These Circular Ruins, Illuminations Gallery, Maynooth University (solo, 2016); In good faith they waited for gravity, RUA RED (solo, 2015).

Recent awards include Arts Council Visual Arts Bursary Award (2020; 2017), Fire Station Artists’ Studios Residential Award (2020-2023; 2018-2020), Rapid Residency Award, Science Gallery Dublin, funded by the Provost’s Academic Development Fund, Trinity College Dublin (2020); Graphic Studios Residency funded by Dublin City Council (2020), the Arts Council Travel and Training Award (2018), Fire Station Sculpture Workshop Award and Bursary (2015), the NCAD Visual Culture Postgraduate Scholarship (2014) and Academic Excellence Award (Gold Medal), DIT (2013).

Marie’s work is held in the collections of the Office of Public Works and the Arts Council of Ireland. She is a practicing post-primary teacher, a member of the panel of Artists, Guides and Lecturers at the Hugh Lane Gallery, has taught on the CEAD program in NCAD and has been a visiting lecturer at TUDublin.