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Natalie Delimata, Artist in Residence 2019

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement: I have always been fascinated by nature. As a child I "rescued" newts, frogspawn, and snails from what I saw as the hardship of their natural habitat. Working as an adult, nature remains my primary inspiration. I am particularly interested in simple organisms whose intricate yet hidden structures possess an exquisite and delicate beauty. I am also deeply attracted to natural symmetry and enjoy exploring the complex and often surprising relationship between maths and nature. I find I am increasingly fascinated by the ontological relationship between natural pattern and aesthetics – why do we find nature so attractive? The central objective in my work is to capture the aesthetic essence of the organism that I am studying. In fabricating a piece, I try to use materials that reflect the organism's particular qualities. Generally my work is sculptural but more recently I have begun to explore drawing.