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Andy Roche, Artist in Residence 2019

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement: Roches practice involves exploring ideas of time, space, change and scale through 2d and 3d geometric abstraction. Schematic drawings form the basis for print and painting that then develop into 3d. These forms, assembled in multiples and placed in natural light, reveal unforeseen, ever changing patterns. By varying assembly and scale, different aspects of complexity are generated from self similar units touching upon notions of diversity, inclusivity and identity. Recently Riche has been engaged in exploring the application of parametric modeling software and commercial processes to realise forms that, although rigidly geometric in isolation, generate organic fractal rhythms in groups.

Biography: Andy Roche is an emerging artist born in Scotland in 1965 and based in Leitrim since 1993.  He graduated from I.T. Sligo in 2012 and has been involved with the Leitrim Sculpture Centre and the Fablab in Manorhamilton in developing his practice. Past shows include 'Coordinates' solo show, the Higher Bridges gallery, Enniskillen, 2016, ‘As of Now’ graduate show, the Dock, Carrick - on -  Shannon, 2012 and ‘Edge of Urge’ group show, the Mall, Sligo, 2010.