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Lena Skrabs and Paloma Sanchez-Palencia, Artists in Residence 2018

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement, Lena Skrabs: In her artistic practice Lena Skrabs mainly tries to investigate the oddity of the human species. Her work covers diverse media and moves along the interface between object, performance and participation. Touching topics such as leisure, work and play, Lena Skrabs enjoys to translate her daily-life observations into serious games in which she is making use of stereotypes and familiar images. She is a lover and explorer of the mundane and interested in processes of work- and everyday life. Her artistic practice is connected in unconventional methods that trigger surprise and irritation and often reveal to its full extend only at second glance. A big part of her work is the organization and hosting of social events as well as running public spaces. Her passion presently focuses on the spectrum of professionalism and dilettantism, service-culture and working performance.

Biography, Lena Skrabs was born in Hamburg/Germany in 1990 and is currently living and working in Berlin. After finishing her BA at Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences in Bonn, she studied the Master program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University Weimar. During her master studies she was partially living in Tokyo, spending one year at Tokyo University of the Arts in the Intermedia Arts department. Her work has been exhibited and performed in various exhibitions, fairs and festivals internationally within Germany, Norway, Sweden, Cuba, Spain and Japan. Lena Skrabs has been granted with the PROMOS scholarship by Bauhaus-University Weimar and the Jasso scholarship by the government of Japan.

Artist Statement, Paloma Sanchez-Palencia is working on the interface between art, design and the playful life. Her works are saturated with obviousness, clichés and bad jokes. She is deeply interest in everydayness, the extraordinary in the ordinary, in collections of all sorts, clubs, presentations, organizations, situations, in the investigation of artistic, domestic and service systems in relation to everyday life. Work, leisure and the celebratory possibilities of the ordinary are her main topics of research and practice. 

Biography, Paloma Sanchez-Palencia studied Fine Arts at University of Granada in Spain sliding one year as exchange student at University of Ostrava in Czech Republic. Recently she finished the Master program Public Art and New Artistic Strategies at Bauhaus University Weimar. Paloma was born in Brazil, currently lives and works in Berlin.