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Helena Gouveia Monteiro, Artist in Residence 2018

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Artist Statement: Helena Gouveia Monteiro

My projects take place at a crossroads between conceptual and experimental practice.
Cultural elements are gathered through ongoing research and used as independent materials to create films, editions, or photographic works engaging different levels of recognition, where images are considered within a system of reproduction and distribution.
Procedures borrowed from early photographic and optical devices allow me to deconstruct a specific technical apparatus, developing a deeper understanding of its functional possibilities in a social context.
I often make use of found-footage or archive materials to be readapted into a specific project containing elements of its origin, status, and technical imprint. From these I create films and editions, using operations such as translation, montage, collage or analogy; my projects often necessitate crossing from one media to another – from moving to still image, from written to spoken word, from one formal language to another.
Collaborative and interdisciplinary work are also central to my concerns. In 2016, I founded STEREOEDITIONS, an independent publishing collective for the creation and distribution of artist’s editions.

Biography: Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Filmmaker, photographer and editor Helena Gouveia Monteiro was born in Lisbon in 1991. She received her MFA from the Villa Arson National Art School in France in 2015 and lives and works in Dublin. She participated in several group exhibitions, screenings and performances such as Altered States, Staunton International Film Festival, PRÁM studios and Prototyp gallery in Prague, Images Contre Nature in Marseille, Traverse Vidéo in Toulouse, PhotoIreland Festival and Halftone Print Fair in Dublin.
In 2016 she co-founded STEREOEDITIONS independent publications and EST experimental multi-media project.
She was recently awarded the Emerging Artist Residency at the Burren College of Art.