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Tomasz Matuszak, Artist in Residence 2014/15

Residency Exhibition:

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Artist Statement : Tomasz Matuszak works in the field of installation, sculpture, photography, video and public intervention. Many of his works are based on a sustained involvement with the environment of the gallery or any given public space. By adding a specific comment to ‘space’, works are integrated within it, creating a new or different meaning to habitual perceptions. Matuszak’s work always answers to the existing situation by consciously ‘borrowing’ elements from existing spaces to construct new works which are then re-immersed in the same space. In recent years Matuszak has been trying to penetrate the subject in different ways by constructing works in smaller or larger degrees of scale based on tautological action. ‘Cutting out’ and ‘strengthening’ fragments of space, his aim is to challenge the way we look at everyday objects by generating new meanings, references and suggestions. Most of his works are therefore site- specific and seek to energize a space (indoor or outdoor), or a social or political situation, by making these spaces a key component of the viewer’s experience.

Biography: Tomasz Matuszak (born 1967 in Lodz) studied painting and graphics in the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, graduating in 1993. Since 2007 he has been teaching in the sculpture studio at the same Academy.
Matuszak’s work has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions including the Gale Gates Gallery in New York, Wschodnia Gallery in Lodz, Kunspunkt Gallery in Berlin, Kont Gallery in Lublin, Museum of Modern Art in Haifa, National Gallery in Warsaw, Kordegarda Gallery in Warsaw, Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok. Participated in exhibitions in Germany, Australia, Israel, Sweden. Received scholarships from ArtsLink - New York, Schloss Solitude - Studgartt and ART / OMI - USA.