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Susanne Bosch, Artist in Residence 2013/14

Residency Exhibition:

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Artist Statement : Being an artist and lecturer I work predominantly in public and on long-term questions, which tackle creative arguments around the ideas of democracy. Recurring themes in my practice are surviving, money and work, as well as migration, societal visions and participation models. I work collaboratively and individually. I formally use site- and situation-specific interventions, installations, video, audio and drawing.

The work is frequently developed site specifically and I actively seek the participation of the general public, often times in the form of discussion and dialogue. I use dialogical formats and methods such as writing, speaking and listening as well as workshops, seminars and Open Space conferences. The interaction with participants opens up a constructed social space in which to engage with each other and/or the world around us. Ideally, I develop my work through dialogue with others, together creating flexible structures to facilitate people to move from interaction to participation, and from participation to collaboration.

Biography: Susanne Bosch is an artist and teaches. From 2007-2012, she developed and led the Art in Public master programme at the University of Ulster in Belfast together with Dan Shipsides. Before she worked as assistant professor at the international master programme “Public Art and New Artistic Strategies” at the Bauhaus University in Weimar, Germany. She achieved a PhD about her public artwork in 2012. Besides being a freelancing artist and academic, she is a trained Open Space facilitator (2008) and trained in conflict analysis and - management (2004). In 1996, she was awarded with a diploma and title of a master student by the Academy of Fine Art in Nuremberg, Germany. In 1993 she was a guest student at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain. Many residencies, grants and invitations to EU projects led her to realize public art projects, exhibitions, workshops and seminars in Europe and abroad. In the past 8 years, her public artwork focused on contested public space In Northern Ireland, Thailand, Eastern Europe. Southern Italy and Palestine. She is a member at several advisory committees like the Artraker Fund, Awarding Creativity in Art & Conflict, London and consults institutions such as the Royal Norwegian Representative Office in the West Bank.