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Ross Cochrane , Artist in Residence 2013 /2014

Residency Exhibition: 'POLIS'

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement: My Artwork explores memories that remain embedded in the landscape, recording parallels which intersect between spatial hierarchies, ecology and new consumer topographies. This is done with a view to gaining a deeper understanding of space and human experience, wherein a new found land, a new territory of performance is constructed, manifested through the perception of place, and a common consciousness.

The form and elements of my artworks; and the use of the material are fundamentally inherent, to understanding the subtext of physical methods of process, performance and installation. My practice gravitates towards multiple approaches, defining a sequence of narrative, explored primarily through writings and humorous interplay; developing a space in which memory can be negotiated as a real defined object.

The aim of which is to rediscover and open a dialogue to an ever-changing sequence of diminishing landscapes, how these states exist and can be accessed through stored energy contained within. With an emphasis being placed on void and liminal spaces, an edge-land between permitted territories; where boundaries dissolve, a continuous thread which lies between the past, present and future.

Biography: Born in Cavan in 1978, Ross Cochrane studied at Sligo Institute, the University of Wales and the University of Ulster, receiving a MFA, PgDIP, BFA and PgCFHE respectively. - A recipient of the Tommy Mc Loughlin memorial award, Ross has exhibited widely in Ireland and internationally, most recently at Trans-Art (2012), the Bluewall Gallery (2011), the Leitrim Sculpture Centre (2010) and the Customs House Studios (2009). Invited residencies include the Kuntsmeile Krems, Austria (2010) in association with the Customs House Studios. Cochrane was recently selected as an Artist in Residence by Cavan Arts Office (2014).

Cochrane curates exhibitions independently through the ‘WhiteRabbitProductions’ group; exhibitions include; ‘Cavan Re-imagined’ (2009) / ‘Something Other Than the Usual’ (2010) / ‘The 48Hour Project’ (2011). Cochrane lectures in education and delivers creative arts programs through ‘OutReachOne’; an education provider, working with primary schools, community groups and special needs education in the North West regions. Having primarily studied as a painter, Cochrane’s current practice has gravitated to a more multi-disciplinary approach.