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Mary Theresa Keown, Artist in Residence 2013/14

Residency Exhibition: 'The Cutting Rooms II'

Portfolio of previous work:


Artist Statement: In previous years, working mimetically with paint as a tool, the make-up of an image has always concerned me. Accumulating knowledge of the history of painting has also influenced the development of the work. What has mostly driven the decision process, is the material itself. Latent memories of seeing Corot's snagging surfaces of lead white portray the substance as it is. From the role of the abstract mark in an Ivon Hitchens landscape to the diffusion and sensitivity of colour in early abstracts by Phillip Guston. The compositional random beauty of Rausenberg and the austere transformative power of colour of the late Modernists have all made their impact along with countless other influences.

The linear quality of printed or digital images are taken into painting to investigate their nature as both images and constructed aspects of our social and commercial reality, they are transposed to portray their syntactical differences. As the collage template has been abandoned, a wealth of understanding the conventions and un-conventions of seeing have come into focus.

Painting is an act. It is not the most efficient way to make an image. There are no rules as to how paint should be used. The regard for painting's future has become a passé question. For me it's not a question of how my work situates itself in the world, but my relationship to paint.

Biography: Mary Theresa Keown was born in Enniskillen, Co. Fermanagh, Northern Ireland in 1974. She is a part-time lecturer at the University of Ulster teaching B.A. Fine Art, Painting, where she graduated in 1997. She has been exhibiting consistently internationally and nationally. In 2007 she had her second solo show in Tokyo, Japan and exhibits regularly in the Mullan Gallery, Belfast. She has won many awards including the Ireland Fund of Great Britain- artist of the year award in 2001 and her work is housed in many public and private collections. Mary currently lives in Glenfarne, Co.Leitrim and works part-time as administrator at the Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton.

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